Wednesday, December 16, 2009

mark holloway

I've been meaning to write about everything that's been going on the past few weeks -- it has been incredibly busy. But in trying to think about what we've actually been up to, I actually couldn't tell you. I don't even remember. I am so, so sad to say that my grandfather, Mark, passed away two weeks ago. He was hurting pretty bad from that cancer, and I know that he's in a better place now, but it really sucks. He was a really good man, and the best musician that I've ever known. He will be severely missed.

On that note, I need to ask for a favor -- for you, or anyone you know to please pray for my grandmother, Ruby. Since my grandpa died, my grandma is just so depressed (I can't even imagine). She can't eat or drink, won't move, and is just straight-up so, so sad. This has put her into the hospital for the past week, and I know that something like this can't be easy, but she needs good thoughts and vibes sent her way (and to the rest of my family), so that she can get through this. Thanks in advance for any positive thinking.

If you're interested, you can read my grandpa's obituary by clicking here.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

website update and babycats!!

Ah ha! I have FINALLY updated my website! There are photos on there from January, which is forever ago. That's almost a year old! Anyway, check it out here:!

There are new photos of Xiu Xiu, Parenthetical Girls, LAKE, Passion Pit, What's Up, The Terrordactyls, The Bundles (Kimya Dawson, Karl Blau, Jeffrey and Jack Lewis, Anders Griffen), Mike and Beth Dixon, Kate, Emmy, Jojo, and Brandee, Brie and Nathan Oberle, Blank Dogs, Bad Weather California, Karl Blau, Calvin Johnson, Abe Vigoda, Golden Boots, Epileptinomicon, Rose Melberg, and The Pine Hill Haints! SO EXCITING!!

The images above of Xiu Xiu and the PGs are the covers of a 7" jacket that can be bought here:
ml . I haven't gotten a copy yet, but I'm really excited to see it!
Also, meet our babies!!

This is Ute (a boy) and Apache (a girl). Their brother, Smokey, went home with my co-worker, Joel Brazzel -- you can see CUTE, CUTE, CUTE photos on his blog here. THEY ARE ALL SO CUTE I CAN'T TAKE IT!

More photos:

Look at my husbro! He's cute too (and I don't think he knows I took this)! :)

In non-kitty-related-news, Joel and I paid a whopping $1400 onto our credit card this past week. YES! We are a couple of paychecks away from paying it off by the end of the year. It will SO HAPPEN. I also had my weigh-in on Monday, and lost another 1.4 pounds. It's moving slowly, but at least it's tipping down.
I got kind of an exciting email today -- I'll tell you more if things end up coming together. Exciting!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

priest point jurassic park

I pretty much have a billion things to write about, but I always want to post pictures with it, and never seem to have the photos with me, or I just plain forget, ever time I want to write something down. Either way, I'll update soon with new photos of our NEW KITTIES, our trip to orcas island, swap meets, Halloween, and whatever else we've been up to. The truth is, since the weekend, Joel and I have pretty much been glued to our TV playing with our new Wii. I love it. I lost 1.4 lbs (according to WW -- the Wii actually told me that I gained 6.4 within a day, and yesterday, I lost 8.8. I'm not sure that it really knows what it's talking about) over the weekend, and I've felt sore every day in a different place from doing different small exercises (my abs and arms are really killing me). It is the best! No more stupid stationary bike that takes up half of our kitchen, or trips to the gym in another city. Over it. I think that we are starting running club again, which could potentially be awesome if we really go for it. Stupid rain, though. Over it, also.

On the food front, Joel and I went to the Co-op this weekend to get a bunch of fruit and vegetables, grains and beans. I'm making it a point (at least trying it out this week) to stop eating as much processed/premade foods as I can. I've got enough new recipes laying around to really go for it and see how I feel (I'm sure it will be better), and see how much weight I lose (if any). This, with the Wii everyday, should hopefully get me somewhere. We will be making:

Zero Points Value Slow Cooker Soup
Brussel Sprouts with Chestnuts
Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche
Spice-Roasted Butternut Squash and Onions
Stir-Fried Bok Choy with Sesame Seeds
Crustless Pumpkin Pie

We'll hopefully make enough for Joel and I to take for lunch each day. Yum! I am also going to cut out foods with flour and sugar (I turned down free root beer floats and cupcakes this weekend!), but not be totally crazy about it if we're at someone's house or something -- you know, just to make an honest effort not to eat that stuff. I'll give it a shot. My mini goal for the end of the year is to lose weight (I'd like to be at LEAST at the weight that I was at last year at Christmas time), and also to be down one dress size. I think that this seems reasonable. I have two months. I'll do what I can! :)

Last night, Joel and I met up with Melanie of Tender Forever to take photos to be manipulated on the cover of her new LP,
No Snare. It was dark and raining hard, and we drove to Priest Point Park to go somewhere where there was no lights to take the photos. Of course our car battery would die while we were there for 5 minutes, and we spent the next hour to an hour and a half sitting in a cold car in the dark, waiting for Dirk to come rescue us and jump our car (thank you, Dirk!). He showed up, and wouldn't you know it, someone had come by to lock the park up (it was 7:30!). We walked to the entrance after a small freak-out between Joel and I (he had to be at work by 6am today), and Melanie luckily got the gate open (freak-out over). We snuck Dirk's car in, started ours, and directly went to buy jumper cables. The photos from above and below are my mini-documentations of the night. Joel summed it up on Facebook with: priest point jurassic park car battery death night with sarah and melanie. saved by the dirk.

I hope that you have a good day! I'm getting over a small cold, so Shawn took Mariella and I out to pho! So nice! I'm drinking lots of hot tea and water. I suggest you do the same!

Also, I rejoined twitter! Add me here if you want!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

a foggy day in oly, usa

Today is so nice!! Joel got up at 4:50 am today, and woke me up along with him. I thought about getting up to exercise, or to do anything, but it was too early, and too cold, and too dark. I stayed in bed and tossed and turned for a couple of hours, and got REALLY POOR SLEEP. Bummer. :(

I did get up eventually though, and came in early to meet Kimya. We worked on the Bundles artwork (which is Jeffrey and Jack Lewis, Kimya Dawson, Karl Blau, and Anders Griffen - with a little bit from the Oly Free Choir!), and it's almost done!! We're waiting for the disc face artwork from Jeffrey Lewis, and then we'll get this puppy into production! I'll save the artwork preview until it's complete, but I can show you one of the photos that they've decided on for the artwork:

They are so adorable!

I've also been putting together a sticker to go on the Curious Mystery's LP's, and just got confirmation on a cute new LAKE t-shirt! I am so, so excited to see how they turn out! I think that Ashley and Eli did a really great job.

Speaking of LAKE (and Karl Blau), their new records came out last Tuesday! It's exciting to me for multiple reasons: 1) They're SO good!! 2) I got to put them together. 3) I took a lot of pictures for them! On the LAKE record, Ashley and I went to Lake Cushman and photographed the headboard in the lake, and her holding it up, and all of the details of the headboard. For Karl's, I photographed him, the portrait on the front was painted from the photo, and then I photographed the painting again to put it into the artwork! It all came around full circle. So fun. I love my job so much, even on the hard days!

Anyway, I'm going to clean up our place a little bit and get ready for dinner. Maybe I'll get things together to make some of these Slow Cooker recipes. How perfect for this time of year, right? And easy, too! Have a good night!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Joel and I made an unplanned trip to Colorado this weekend (two days in the car, ugh) so that we could surprise our parents and grandparents. The drive was lame, but it's good to be home.

My grandpa was just diagnosed with cancer and doesn't have near enough time to spend with us left, so we'll be spending the week here hanging out with him and the rest of the family. He's starting chemo on Friday. Please pray for him, my grandma, and the rest of my family and send good vibes our way. Go spend some good times with your loved ones.

Friday, September 18, 2009

good vibrations

Today has been surprisingly fun! Ashley and Eli stopped in to work on a new LAKE t-shirt design. I won't show you any peeks yet (because I'm not sure which one they'll pick!), but I will show you a look at the new LAKE album, Let's Build A Roof! I was able to do photography for it, and while Ashley designed it, I put it together and got it into production. Exciting!

There were also surprise visits from Nick and Julia of No Kids, Phil Elverum, Karl Blau, Tara Jane O'Neil, Vanessa Lang and Brian! SO FUN. I love it when I get to see people that I really adore, even if it's just for a short amount of time. No Kids is touring with Mount Eerie, Karl Blau and TJO. They're playing in Oly next week. CAN'T WAIT!

The rest of my day has been spent waiting on my slow, slow computer to load large, large files. I've been piecing together the cover for Angelo Spencer's new record (made by Sarah Utter -- whose art I
LOVE. I will own one of her own paintings someday.) via scanning and Photoshop, and a really sweet new Curious Mystery tour poster. It looks so awesome.

Tonight we have plans to go see our friends Alex and Jessi before they move to Chicago (SUPER SAD), and maybe stop by our friend Brian's house for his birthday show (14 bands - wtf).

I have to say though, last night was
SO AWESOME! The Beach Boys were really sweet. There were only two of the original members, but the rest of the dudes in the band sounded like the original members, and they played literally all of the hits, plus a bunch of other songs I didn't even realize I wanted to hear, and two covers. The best part of the night was hearing "God Only Knows", "Good Vibrations" and "Kokomo" all in a row. SO RAD. We weren't supposed to take pictures, but I had to sneak one (very bad!) picture in, just as photographic evidence that we got to see them. I'm glad we payed the big bucks (to us) and went to see them. We probably won't ever get to again.

I'll end this with a pretty picture of the pretty view of the Puget Sound driving away from our last house here in Olympia. Have a good weekend!


Friday, September 11, 2009

for me to hold myself accountable

There are several things that I feel that I can improve on (more than several -- there are so many!) to be completely happy, healthy, more confident, and to be able to give to others in the ways that I feel like I should. This year has been all about taking steps to be a better person, and though I feel like I am making progress already (I'll hopefully always be making progress), it is a slow process.

My Washington BFF, Beth, suggested that I start writing a blog (hey, I've
had a few over the years -- maybe I should write in them!) to hold myself accountable to the decisions that I'm making, and to prioritize and hopefully stay on track. I guess this is the beginning of what will hopefully help get me to where I want to be.

Below are a few things in my life that I would like to change and work on -- and hopefully along the way, I'll learn a few things and be able to be a better person, and a better friend. I am ready to openly talk about our (Joel and I) goals and get to work to make things awesome.
Oh, finances -- we need to settle on a budget and stick to it! I joined last month to see where we were actually spending our money, and there weren't many surprises. Joel and I spend way too much on thrifting (this is mostly my doing) and eating out (which is a bummer, not just financially). We have a credit card bill of $2,000 left (which we have cut in half and then some already!) from buying a computer, moving expenses, traveling, our car breaking down (we spent a whopping $800 to fix it!), and miscellaneous things. No more using the credit card! It is my goal to pay this off by the end of the year (if not sooner (small goal #1)). After paying my student loan, utilities, and our Comcast payment, I will be putting the rest of one of my paychecks (the other goes to rent) towards the credit card bill. With this, the two (actually three, though I know I will never get paid for the third) outstanding invoices I have out for shoots (though it has been months, so you never know with those either), and with getting our deposit back from moving out (we got a place of our own!) all going towards the credit card, it seems TOTALLY doable. I am also going to do all that I can to take $50 out of every paycheck to put into a savings account (which we will open next week (small goal #2!)). Seems hard, but fingers crossed! To help with all of this, I am taking the cue of several blogs that I read (Mostly Mod, LobotoME, Simply Lovely, and two ellie, for example) and starting on my own Spending Hiatus. No more foolish spending for things I don't need! Seriously! I'll try to blog about this to stay accountable to myself. Maybe I can just blog about the things I want, like so many other people do. :)

Some people that are part of the spending hiatus have decided to only spend money when they have sold something first (via
ebay, bigcartel shops, etsy, second hand stores). I don't necessarily need anything (other than to be out of debt), so I have plans to set up my own etsy (and possibly ebay a few things, depending) to get rid of the cute things that are cluttering my house. I have an abundance of fabric (literally overflowing from cabinets and closets), and housewares that I've picked up from thrifting. In the next month, I will try my hardest to get an etsy shop together (Small goal #3). This will help clear my house of clutter, which in turn will clear my mind. I've slowly been ridding myself of the people who fill my mind with drama and stress, and am moving onto materialistic things. When we moved, we took about 10 trips to the Goodwill to get rid of things, but maybe we need to make a few more. In October, we will be moving one more (and hopefully final for a while) time, into a cottage next door to where we live now. I want to declutter as much as I can before the move so that our space doesn't feel so cramped, and we actually enjoy EVERYTHING that we have. If it doesn't fit into the "need" or "love" categories in our life, we have to let it go. Seems simple enough, right?

Probably one of the things that I think about the most out of my day, if not being the number one thing, is getting healthy. I joined
Weight Watchers a year ago in August, and lost 18 lbs by Christmas (which is kind of a big deal for me, considering I'd never given a healthy diet or exercise a second thought until then. I mean, I had obviously thought about it, but didn't have the understanding or willpower to turn things around until then. And, I'm still working on that). Over Christmas last year (a ridiculous 4-day trip to Colorado from Washington in the biggest blizzard ever, and two weeks home with my family and friends), I gained 9 lbs back. 9 pounds. No joke. Over the past eight months, I have probably lost and regained those same 9 pounds 4 or 5 times, and have stayed between the 230s and 220s the entire time. I lost those 9 pounds, but have gained a couple, and lost a few. I'm back at -16.6, 225.8 lbs. I am getting REAL this time.

I realize that part of the secret is to actually accept yourself for who you are and what you already look like, and that everything else will come with hard work. I'm accepting myself for who I am now, and just want to become a better, healthier person. I wouldn't say that joining Weight Watchers has been a waste of time
at all. Not even close to one. Without it, I probably would have gained 50 more pounds (who knows, right?), and I am learning how to cook, prepare healthy meals, and exercise. And every week (or as often as I want), I have a room full of people to give me advice, and an entire website full of articles and message boards to learn from.

I joined a gym for the first time in my life at the beginning of the year, and even though it's hard to go, every time that I've gone, it has been
SO worth it. I feel better, I am healthier, and I'm actually losing weight. I've gone down one dress size, and am fitting into clothes that I haven't been able to wear in a year. I joined a running club last winter, when honestly, running is the last thing I would ever want to do. I want to hold myself accountable to eating meals that I made (or with friends) at least 6 days out of the week, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (this will also help with the finances (Small goal #4))! I want to cut out processed foods as much as I can, and make one or two new recipes once or twice a week to keep things exciting, and keep me focused and motivated (Small goal #5). I want to exercise at least three to four times a week (which seems small, but is a big step -- I stopped doing it!), and be active (walking to work (it's $4 to park the car anyway! I just got a free bus pass for the rainy days.), taking a bike ride) for at least 30 minutes a day for the rest of the week, and track my food and activity via daily (Small goal #6). I want to have lost 30 pounds by the end of the year (Small goal #7), leaving me with 70 pounds left after that.

Along these lines, I need to limit my television (we have Netflix and watch it online) and internet use, and get enough sleep (at least 7-8 hours a night)
(Small goal #8), which has actually been fairly easy since moving to Olympia, unlike when we were living in NY and I would be up until 10am. By cutting back on TV and the net, I can use my time wisely to sew, craft, crochet, embroider, and learn to knit! Not to mention edit photos that I need to work on, update my website and flickr, set up new photo shoots, and respond to emails in a timely manner (within 24 hours) (Small goal #9), and actually just create something every day.

I will be to work on time every day, and I will work hard for the hours that I'm there. I will use the time that I have after work to hang out with friends, invite people over for dinner, to take walks, to play cards and board games, and to go on adventures! I will say yes to hanging out with people at least twice a week, I will call old friends and talk to them just because I love them (and to let them know!), I will send and respond to mail in a timely fashion. I will give gifts to friends and acquaintances to show them that I care
(Small goals #10).

I doubt my upcoming posts will ever be this long again, but typing out my goals and thoughts at the beginning of some major life overhauling should help put me in the right frame of mind to have these goals in my sight and help me stay on track and be accountable to myself, and to my friends. Thanks for letting me get this out, and for reading it if you made it this far. :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kris Jensen Memorial Fund Auction

On the evening of Sunday, August 2, the Jensen family—including Rachel Jensen, keyboardist and violinist for the Portland-based pop group Parenthetical Girls—suffered a major tragedy: four members of her immediate family were involved in a fatal car accident while traveling home from an annual family reunion. Her father and two brothers were rushed to an intensive care facility, and are now in the early stages of their recovery. Tragically, family matron Kris Jensen, 51, passed away at the scene. Kris’ extreme kindness and exuberance touched a tremendous number of people, but it was her particular enthusiasm for music and generosity with musicians that broadened her impact to so many people in our community. All proceeds from the show and auction will benefit the Kris Jensen Memorial Fund, a trust organized to assist the surviving members of the Jensen family with the mounting financial strain of their medical care.

View the 60+ individual donations available for auction here on eBay.

Contributions to the fund can also be made via PayPal here.

I have a photo shoot up for auction, if you are in the areas between (or near) Seattle, WA to Portland, OR (or even Colorado, if you can wait until Christmas time). You can bid on this here. I would love to photograph you!