Thursday, October 8, 2009

a foggy day in oly, usa

Today is so nice!! Joel got up at 4:50 am today, and woke me up along with him. I thought about getting up to exercise, or to do anything, but it was too early, and too cold, and too dark. I stayed in bed and tossed and turned for a couple of hours, and got REALLY POOR SLEEP. Bummer. :(

I did get up eventually though, and came in early to meet Kimya. We worked on the Bundles artwork (which is Jeffrey and Jack Lewis, Kimya Dawson, Karl Blau, and Anders Griffen - with a little bit from the Oly Free Choir!), and it's almost done!! We're waiting for the disc face artwork from Jeffrey Lewis, and then we'll get this puppy into production! I'll save the artwork preview until it's complete, but I can show you one of the photos that they've decided on for the artwork:

They are so adorable!

I've also been putting together a sticker to go on the Curious Mystery's LP's, and just got confirmation on a cute new LAKE t-shirt! I am so, so excited to see how they turn out! I think that Ashley and Eli did a really great job.

Speaking of LAKE (and Karl Blau), their new records came out last Tuesday! It's exciting to me for multiple reasons: 1) They're SO good!! 2) I got to put them together. 3) I took a lot of pictures for them! On the LAKE record, Ashley and I went to Lake Cushman and photographed the headboard in the lake, and her holding it up, and all of the details of the headboard. For Karl's, I photographed him, the portrait on the front was painted from the photo, and then I photographed the painting again to put it into the artwork! It all came around full circle. So fun. I love my job so much, even on the hard days!

Anyway, I'm going to clean up our place a little bit and get ready for dinner. Maybe I'll get things together to make some of these Slow Cooker recipes. How perfect for this time of year, right? And easy, too! Have a good night!