Wednesday, February 24, 2010

first mix!

Last year, my friend Adam got 12 of us together (including himself) to participate in a mix trade. Each person got a different month, and sent 11 mixes out to all of the other participants. My month was August, so I put together a mix and Joel drew on the covers, and made the cover for the slip of paper that had the song titles on it (up above). A lot of these songs are my go-to songs for mixes, so they've been on a few that I've made previously, but I just want EVERYONE to hear them! Seriously, these songs are so good!

I've decided to give you my mix, and hopefully, once a month, or however often I feel like it, I'll put up a new mix! I know that other people do this on their blogs, and I've found it such a good way to find new music!

Anyway, click here to download a zip of the songs. Enjoy!


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