Friday, March 12, 2010

i want to be sleeping!


Ughh, I just woke up from falling asleep at 6:45pm (it's almost 12:30am now). I hate it when you wake up from a long nap and you just feel funky -- I was hoping to just sleep through the night. :( Today was pretty mellow. Ben and I got to work a little early (every day this week, actually!), so when he persuaded me to leave a little early, I decided, why not? Joel and I played Wii and ate carrots and hummus for dinner (I didn't realize that would be dinner, but it worked out), and Mariella picked me up to go for a walk around the mall. Since the weather has been so cold and gray, we took it inside.

Tomorrow, we are having a Spring cleaning day at K, as well as Team Lunch! This is especially exciting, because I'm ready to make some room and around the office, and not feel so trapped by stuff.

Starting three days ago, I made a tumblr account, and decided to try to post a new (or newly edited/never seen before from an old shoot) photo once a day. I've been feeling pretty pathetic and boring photo-wise lately, so this should give me a little inspiration to put new things into the world and maybe try some new Photoshop techniques.

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sleep well, dudes!

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