Tuesday, March 2, 2010

*Just a Lone Juggalo looking for a good Juggalette*

I think that after I posted about that beautiful bicycle that I love, I decided that I don't need it! I've been loving the idea of riding around our pretty neighborhood with all of the pretty cherry blossoms falling from the pink trees for the past couple of weeks, but -- I don't need this bicycle. Actually, I don't need any new bicycles! I've already got two here, and three that I could use in Colorado! Silly me.

With this decision, I've also decided to take the plunge and follow along with Anna Newell, who has started a new blog and is saving her money for a whole year! I doubt I can do this for an entire year -- maybe not even a month, but I will do what I can and see where it gets me. We put a whopping -- OH MY GOSH I JUST DID THE MATH -- $891.74 on our credit card this month. What the hell are we spending our money on? That is just plain stupid. To make it a
tiny bit better, some of that was for our internet bill, $22 was for our gym membership that they should be refunding to us, and we took a trip to the coast two weekends ago, which was much-needed, and I will post pictures of real soon. And, adding up the numbers again, we paid $963.69 to the credit card this month? This doesn't seem real, because we owe $224 more than we did last month. Maybe our last payment is pending? I don't know. Either way, the truth is that we don't need to be putting anything on our credit card. What are we thinking? So, I'm with Anna. I'm going to see what I can save! I want to pay this card down, and see what I can do about that student loannnnn.

Speaking of student loans, this weekend we had a phone date with my mom, who is preparing our taxes. We figured out what we think we owe ($23 -- Joel's jobs never held any of his money! Boo!), and Joel applied for FAFSA and to go to the Evergreen State College in the Fall! Fingers crossed he gets in! It would be good to get moving on that end of things, for sure.
And, since I won't be able to buy the things that I am dreaming of, I will post them below, since it seemed to make me not want the bike anymore! (Anna does this too -- I wonder if that's how it works for her?) Maybe now Joel won't have to sift through emails of things I want to buy, but never actually have the money to.

I've been wanting a new lamp for the past six months, and suddenly, I've found a bazillion that I am in love with:

And this beauty that I can't remember where I found it, but it's from etsy. Sooo pretty. I love lamps!

To finish things off, I will leave you with amazing new videos from OK Go. Ahhh I loved this band in high school SO MUCH. Seriously? I wish that I was this creative! I had forgotten about the wallpaper one. Actually, I could go on forever! Enjoy!

My FB friend, Kelly, posted this great Missed Connection from Aurora, and my love for the juggalo culture is back.

"We talked about how I am a fatkid and dont care but im losing weight.We talked on the bus for a bit and shared about our tattoos. You showed me a picture of your tat and I phsyically showed you mine. *Just a Lone Juggalo looking for a good Juggalette*"

On days like this, I miss Bree and driving around to look for Primos for a couple of hours, and finally giving up, until we SWEAR we've seen the hatchet man, and turn around, only to realize that Primos is in an old gas station. Awesome.

I think that I may be starting P90X this week? Tonight, or tomorrow, or soon? My BFF, Paul (and a bazillion people I know, it seems like), has been doing this, and has had amazing results. I think I'm going to get my butt kicked. I'll let you know how it goes!

Hope that you have a great day!

love, love, love,

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