Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spending Hiatus // Week Four

I can honestly say that I didn't buy anything for myself this week! Actually, I didn't buy anything for anyone else, either. Joel bought two cute vintage shirts that he can wear for job interviews (he still has his job, but maybe for a different job or part-time job?), and to hang out in. They are adorable! And I wasn't totally free of spending . . . Joel and I had dinner out twice this week, but did a huge grocery trip to not have to go again for a while, thank goodness. I'm so over eating out. It makes me feel so lousy. This week, I'm focusing on whole foods!

As for our problems with getting our gym membership refunded, I have been told for sure this time that we will have a refund to our card by this time next week. By this time next month (actually, half way through the month), we will OFFICIALLY HAVE OUR CREDIT CARD PAID OFF. NO JOKE.

Luckily, Joel took some time to eBay an old computer of ours that didn't work anymore, and we ended up $100 richer because of it. I was paid $400 for an old shoot, and Joel put some of his paycheck towards our card, and we will have officially paid $800 towards the credit card this month. Seems like a lot. And it is! It just kept going up and down . . . but not anymore. It is going down, down, down, and with the help of one more paycheck, it will be so out of here next month! Then is the hard part of creating a real true-to-life cash budget, and sticking to it. This is a good goal, though.

We'll just plan on spending this week riding bikes and snuggling and loving on kitties.

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