Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spending Hiatus // Week One

Dudes, I didn't buy anything this week. Well, except for groceries (and Red Mango with Mariella in Seattle! With graham crackers and strawberries -- it tasted like cheesecake! Ahhh, and it was so good!). But nothing else! I cleared out our bank account after we got paid last week, and put everything towards the credit card. The only thing left in there was our rent money, which is now gone. If there's nothing in there, we can't spend anything, right? Well, that's my thinking, at least! Because of this, we are obviously totally broke. Turns out, Mariella is totally understanding of this, and really super nice.
She got me into not one, but three shows for free this past week! I feel like a big jerk when I don't pay to see a band, especially when I should be supporting Northern, so I normally just won't go if we don't have the money. I got two text messages the nights that Malaikat dan Singa and Chain and the Gang/The Strange Boys/The Hive Dwellers played telling me that I was on the guestlist. SO NICE! Unfortunately, I got there too late and missed TSB & THD, but the other bands were A+, as always. Videos are below! The next day, Ian was around and we finished up his artwork for his new 7"! Above is the second choice for the cover, which we didn't end up using. Below are pictures from after the show with Ben and Joel showing off their muscles, and my Joel having all of their stuff piled on top of him. Silly boys!

Aside from this, Mariella and Michael took me out to dinner on Friday (seriously SO NICE) with them, Christopher, Mirah, and Calvin, then Mar and I drove up to Seattle to see Mirah and Thao play. I love both of them so much, so this was a really interesting way to see them live. They played each other's songs, did duets, and Clyde from Your Heart Breaks played drums for a few songs, which was really good! On top of that, I knew loads of people at the show, which is always surprising to me when I'm not in my own city. It's fun to realize that I've got a lot of wonderful people in my life, and I want to start growing these friendships.

The rest of my weekend was spent taking care of a sick boy. He was in bed from Thursday night until this morning! POOR GUY! We moved the tv in front of our bed and watched hella movies all weekend, leaving only to get popsicles, OJ, and soup. But groceries from the store don't really count in a spending hiatus, right? What does count in life is whether you're on Team Edward or Team Jacob. Joel and I watched New Moon, and I love them both. They are both real cute, and we are totally moving to Forks. I'll post pictures soon of our trip to the coast three weekends ago!

The following things are things that I think that I need to start P90X. Obviously, I don't have any money now, but Joel and I get paid in a little less than a week. I can't decide if I should get these, so that I can get my butt into gear, or hold strong. Thoughts?

Resistance Band Kit? Chin-up Bar? Yoga Blocks? Plyometrics Mat? Heart Rate Monitor? Dumbbells?

Seems like a lot of money to spend, but maybe worth it. I'll have to talk to Paul. How did you do this week?

And now, the vids:


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