Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spending Hiatus // Week Three

Let's be honest. Spending hiatuses are no fun. No fun at all. And what I've been learning about myself (perhaps I already knew this?) is that I have NO WILLPOWER and NO SELF-CONTROL. Maybe it just depends on the day? Honestly, I really blew it this week, and I'm embarrassed to tell you how!

Remember that quilt that I had my heart set on? The one that I fell in love with and had to buy? Remember how I canceled my order and was feeling good about my decision? Saturday during the day, Joel was on the phone with his grandma, and I was reading blogs. There was that darn quilt on another one of my favorite blogs. I quickly turned the computer around for Joel to see it, and he ignored me. When he got off the phone, he told me to order it. And I ignored all reason, and tried to! Guess what. Less than a week after they had been released, they were SOLD OUT. Really? Really. I pouted, and then started calling stores in Washington. The store in Lacey lied to us, because when we showed up, they didn't have any . . . but told us who did. We started driving to Tacoma, only to find out that they were out too, and called a final store, who had TWO LEFT! We hauled our butts down there, and are the proud and incredibly happy (well, I am, Joel doesn't really care) owners of a beautiful new Liberty of London Garla quilt. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! And I don't even feel sad about it at all. Is that wrong of me?

Coincidentally, it's the kitties' new favorite place to be, and the only place they've been sleeping (see above and below), and Joel doesn't find it too bad himself (see the photo at the bottom!). :)
What I do feel sad about is all of the eating out that we did this week (we had a billion friends in town, and ate in Tacoma, Olympia and Seattle), as well as the major shopping trip that I took alone to Old Navy and Target. To my defense, I had a 30% off everything coupon, as well as a $10 off coupon, making everything a billion times cheaper (well, 30% cheaper, and $10 off!), and I took full advantage of it. I bought a couple of cute shirts that I could wear during the summer and winter, two pairs of flip flops, a new pair of my favorite jeans (did I mention I bought everything on sale already? My jeans were marked down to $13 . . . ), and about four new summer dresses. This is a big deal, because I haven't worn dresses (excluding my prom dress) since I was in elementary school. And even though my mom told me yesterday that she would take care of it, I feel guilty. And I think I might take everything but the jeans back. I think I'll try everything on for Joel tonight and he can give me his honest opinion, and then I will feel okay with taking it back. What I really need to work on though, is just not going. At all. It shouldn't be okay to buy things and take things back. I don't really neeeeed these things. I have clothes, you know. I just want new ones. I want to feel pretty, and stop wearing the same uniform that I wear every single day (either jeans and a gray American Apparel hoodie with sneakers, or jeans with a cute top and a black cardigan and my sparkly black Toms. Every. Single. Day.).

On a good note though, Joel cut my hair this weekend, and I feel like a kind of new person. I love that. At least I didn't pay for the cut, right? And Robin and I painted our nails. It's the little things that kind of make you feel good, and spending money shouldn't be one of those little things. I'm going to post a big photo post soon with all of my excitement from the weekend and past week, since this could easily become my "what I spent this week" blog. Think good thoughts for me! ABSOLUTELY NO SPENDING MONEY!

Oh! And another thing that I wanted to mention this week, is that I joined The Daily Plate, this great website that tracks your meals, snacks (I wrote snakes on accident -- sick!), and your exercise. I downloaded the iPhone app for it, and it will sync with the website, so I can track at home and on the go. This may seems incredibly similar to Weight Watchers, and it is, but now I'm also seeing how much sodium I'm taking in (too much), an how much protein I'm eating (not enough), and best of all, IT'S FREE! I looooved Weight Watchers, but I had a hard time paying $40/month when I wasn't even doing good (my fault, not theirs). So, I will see how this goes, and still count my points, but also be aware of what I'm doing elsewhere. And be more knowledgeable and healthy (hopefully!) because of it.

As an update, I wrote that earlier in the evening, and decided to get my butt into gear, and tried those clothes on. We returned allll but two dresses, and a pair of jeans ($75 worth of returns). No joke. What am I thinking??!! We went grocery shopping tonight too, and made the best dinner ever. Seriously, it was so yummy. No more eating out! Seriously!!

I hope that your week was more successful than mine, and that you are doing lovely, wherever you are. :)


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