Friday, April 9, 2010

The best hamburger I've ever eaten.

Have you ever canned anything or made jam? When my Grandma Elva was around, I remember not caring at all about doing either of those things. She would can peaches and have them around forever (and they were amazingly yummy), and when it was nice out, we would go up on Douglas Pass and get elderberries and choke cherries and whatever other berries were up there, and she taught me how to make jam. And it was the best jam ever. I wish I cared enough when I was little to remember or really pay attention to how it was made. Those are skills I wish I had now! It's too bad we can't go back in time.

The other thing that I remember about her is right this second is that she made me a hamburger one night when I was staying over, and it was the best hamburger I have ever eaten. To this day, the best ever. I'm not a big hamburger or meat eater, really, but if I could eat any hamburger, it would be hers. She was so awesome.

I think that I'm missing Colorado like crazy today. If we still had her house, I would want to move back and live in it and start a life back up there. Not yet, though . . . but someday.

Does anyone want to learn to can and jam with me? It's probably a skill I should have anyway.



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Sarah my mom could so teach you how to can things we use to do elderberry jam after Douglas Pass trips one of these day I will have to sweet talk my mom into teaching us! Oh you gave me such good memories with this post!