Tuesday, April 13, 2010

March and April Update in Pictures!

The past month has been a doozy of hanging out and visitors and shows and FUN! I will now show you just how much fun it has been . . .

Spring happened! Look the blossoms on the tree in front of our house! SO PRETTY! And while you're at it, check out the pretty skies around our neighborhood when we were taking a walk . . .

We went to Seattle to return some stuff to the Apple store, and to get away for the most beautiful day of the year so far (and hottest, by far!). Joel had never been to the Pike Place Market, so we went to check it out. There were flying fish, soooooo many flowers, great murals, cute boys (get it? I'm talking about Joel!), fortune tellers, jackalopes, pretty views, rides, and more. Such a fun day! Afterward, we ended up meeting Michael and Brittany at their new apartment, and going to dinner at Six Arms. Sooo yummy. We finished the night off by learning how to play poker (look at those amazing Grand Ole Opry playing cards!!), and hanging out. Sooo fun. I think we need to take more trips to Seattle -- it's growing on me, for sure!

We had more poker fun when we went to visit Vashon the night before Easter. We took the ferry over (LOVE THAT!) and looked for jellyfish, and then when we got there, not only was Sophia and Tyrel there, but so was Michael and Brittany! We ate pizza and played poker with googly-eye "money". Their giant cat, Doorstop, kept getting in the way and laying all over the cards and googly-eyes, so we decided to all pet him at once. I think he liked it more than he was annoyed! The next day, we took the ferry back and Mariella and Michael had Joel, Dirk, and I over for Easter dinner. It was delicious. Like, truly so yummy. She is the best cook in town! She made ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, soup, biscuits with honey, and salad. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures, but it was the best!

Our awesome friend, Robin, and new friend, Alex, came to visit on tour too! It was sooooo fun! They played at Northern, and Iji, Pen Pals, and The Terrordactyls all came down to play. Best show I've been to in a long, long time! All of the bands were literally the best I've ever seen them! Robin's sister, Monica, came down to visit from Tacoma (who I LOVE and want to hang out with a billion times more than we get to), and we ate burritos and had a sleepover. A couple of sleepovers, actually, since they were around for a couple of days. We got up early one morning also, and took a bunch of photos that I have yet to have edited, but I will post them when I get them going! There's a bunch of videos of all of the bands from that night too. Soooo fun. I wish they would just move here already! And bring Noah with them!!

At the end of everything, Joel and the kitties have just been so pooped that they just sleep and snuggle alllll day long. ;) Just kidding. Well, kind of.

Thanks for looking at all of our fun!


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