Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New on K!

Yay! Check out a few of the records and 7 inches that we're putting out! We got the Jeremy Jay, Tender Forever, Electric Sunset, and Joey Casio records and CDs in this week (but not the ES records which will have gold foil where the name is!!)! Although I have had a part in putting all of these together, can you guess which ones I did the photography for?

Hope that you are having a good day! We are having Andrew and Ben over for dinner to thank Andrew for watching our kitties over the holidays, and we're going to watch a movie (maybe Where the Wild Things Are?). If we don't watch that, I might bail out and go to the gym early. I like hanging out with dudes, but sometimes I just need some space. We'll see what happens! Have a good night!!


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Noah said...

That Jeremy Jay album is SO good!