Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spending Hiatus // Week Seven

Victory! Out of the seven weeks that I've been trying to do this, I spent no money this week at all. Finally! And it was hard. We finally went grocery shopping (we were trying to eat everything from our cupboards and fridge before we did, and we did a darn good job!), and stocked up for healthy meals for hopefully the next couple of weeks. We made good choices this time, and made it out cheap, even with a few splurges. This week wasn't without all fun though, because we had a fried chicken dinner (with cornbread and tons of other yummy foods) with friends, had a sweet game of dominoes afterwards, and Mariella took me out to Meconi's yesterday, even though she didn't have to.

Joel has been sick (again) since Friday, and we have literally been cooped up in the house since then as well, which is fine. We received the Netflix disc last week to turn out Wii into an instant streaming thing, and we've been watching bad movies and good shows allllllll week. Who needs cable? Over the weekend, we also had the luck to puppysit our favorite Olympia pug, Lou. HE IS THE BEST. We were crying to give him back (not really, but we could have!). He was the perfect house guest and has convinced us of what we already knew, WE NEED A PUG IN OUR LIFE! Although the kitties weren't super into him, they put up with him and they even snuggled, but just a little bit.

Other victories for the week include going to the gym last night, even though I've had the same pounding headache for 24 hours, and having our last gym refund us $61.86. YES. Finally. We were also able to put down another $308.25 towards the credit card. After that whopper of a repair cost, it feels like we're starting over. After Thursday, we should be able to have the credit card in the $800 range again, hopefully. Sigh. It's a never-ending battle, but we will win! One of these days . . .

Also, I've decided to deactivate my Facebook account, and to delete one of my tumblrs. I've been wasting soooo much time on the internet, and it stresses me out, makes me nosy, and wastes my time. I also went through all of my starred items in my google reader, and unstarred all but the tutorials. I'll continue to put them into my tumblr to hopefully inspire me and give me good ideas, but other than that, I'm trying to limit the amount of things that I have to do, and focus.

I've also decided to start that stupid etsy I talked about forever ago, and start listing my things once a day, or however much, as long as they're up. They're too cute to give away to the goodwill, and someone will want some of my owl stuff and fabric, right? Maybe not, but we'll see! It wouldn't hurt to have them up on the web for sale while I'm still enjoying them, at least. Be prepared for etsy updates! Yay!

Have a good week!

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