Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Update // Spending Hiatus: Week Six // WW Check-in!

I feel really lucky to have the awesome friends that I do. I've been having really awesome hang out sessions, reconnections, long phone conversations, and a few small trips here and there. It feels good! I know that I'm a hermit and I could stay in our house forever and watch Skins and Lie To Me (my new favorite shows!), but it's nice to break that up with good times and good talks. I feel like things are really going in the right direction now, if that makes sense? Not that they were going in the wrong direction before, but everything just seemed stagnant. It feels good, and Olympia is feeling good, and our friends are feeling good, and life is feeling good. When I look back over the way thing have gone this year, they're moving in the right direction. There are no regrets (other than not being able to get home more often), and I'm happy with that right now.

This weekend, we went up to Ikea near Seattle with Mariella (and didn't buy anything!!! Between three people even, nothing!), and had a nice time walking around. I wanted to walk out with this fantastic bulldog fabric that was only $3.99/yard -- UMM, AMAZING, but Joel talked me out of it, and I'm okay with that (even though I think that it's incredible and awesome).

When we were pulling back into town, our car started smoking (no joke!), and we made it right in front of Mariella's house. Elvin came out to help, but it just wasn't happening, and unfortunately, green fluid just started leaking out really quickly. BUMMER. We had it towed to our favorite mechanic shop, and found out today that it's going to be a little over $550. We had a cracked radiator, and it needed to be replaced. While they are at it, they're fixing our air conditioning (which blows hot air now), and giving it an oil change. There's a few other things that need to be done, but they would quickly add up to over $600, so we were told that we could wait it out and it wouldn't affect our driving, which I'm plenty fine with. They'll be finished today though, so we'll have our car back tonight for Joel to be able to get to work tomorrow (Mariella had so nicely lent us their car today so that he could get to work at 5. Blah!).

Yesterday, Mariella also sweetly put us on the list to see two of my favorite dudes, Fred and Ryan of City Center. I love these guys! They're great! And dude seriously, they just keep sounding better and better! We hung out a little last night, and this morning (or afternoon?), they came by the office to finish mixing with Calvin, and we took a few pictures. We also got to hang out with Fred's rad girlfriend, Amber. She's great! We took a few pictures of her and Fred, too. I wish they could stick around and hang out longer (or just move here and hang out forever!)!

Tonight, we are blowing our big saving week (which dude, we didn't spend anything! Not even groceries!), and taking Mariella out to dinner to thank her for letting us borrow the car, getting us into the show, being awesome to us, and for doing so much -- because dude, her and Elvin do so many nice things for us. They are the best! We're also going because it's her wedding anniversary, and Michael had to go out of town today (boo!). No one should have to be alone on their anniversary! It should be fun.

So, as for my weekly Spending Hiatus update, we were awesome all week, until tonight (and with the car, but who could have predicted that?). We're getting better, and I'm okay with the direction we're going. Obviously, our credit card won't be paid off this month( :( :( :( ), but we'll keep chipping away at it, and actually trying hard not to spend, and we'll get there, right?

As for a WW update, I tracked all week, even when I blew it and ate more than I should have. I did go to the gym a few times, and walked to work a few more. Week one though, was a success! I am down 3.5 lbs. Wish me luck for this week!


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