Thursday, June 24, 2010

sw33t gifs

I'm trying to clean up my hard drive and found a few gems from the BF (now husbro) below. You can see our family portrait above (ha!).

Also, a sweet web page I made when we were LDD. No idea what it was for, but it's still legit.

You can obviously see from these pictures that he pretty much knows exactly the kind of stuff that I like.
This was a birthday picture via MS Paint. Can you see the birthday cake and Andrew WK? I saw him that day, but unfortunately, it wasn't with Joel.

Cute boy!
And to round things off in this gif fest, my very first successful gif:


CHRIS R. said...

\/\/owsers, do you mind if I use one of these in an upcoming post in my blog? Probably the dolphin one...

(I found your site because LAKE's site has a link to it, and I saw them the other night.)

sarahcass said...

You should totally ask my husband ( -- he's the one who actually made them all! :)

And that's totally awesome that you saw LAKE the other night -- they are AMAZZZINNNGGG! :)

CHRIS R. said...

Ok, I'll ask him. Yeah, I've had "Don't Give Up" stuck in my head for three weeks. Someone ought to make a video for "Gravel."

I don't even wanna know what Roseanne Fest was.

Are Lovers any good live? They're coming here next week.

sarahcass said...

Gah, I'm awful with replying to comments, I'm sorry! I totally wish that they would make a video for Roger Miller! I LOVE that song! THEY ARE SO GOOD!! :)

Ha! Roseanne Fest was just a joke! I think that Joel was making a flyer for a big music event happening, and he sent the person in charge the RF image as a joke like, "here you go! this is it!". But don't you wish it was real? hehe.

Lovers were good! That was sooo long ago, I barely remember them. Did you end up seeing them? Hope that you're well!! <3