Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feeling Totally Crafty

I've been feeling crafty lately, and trying to occupy my time with something productive. I tried my hand at embroidery for the first time (I just kind of went for it, and didn't really figure out the best way to do anything), and made Mariella an embroidery of a Lou, her pug. I followed a pattern from Sublime Stitching. Hopefully my next one will look a little more polished.

Joel and I also took a trip to Shipwreck Beads (the world's largest bead store!) a couple of months ago, and really stocked up on chains and a few charms. I'd had a bunch of these beads in the picture below from my first trip to SB a couple of years ago, and I obviously haven't done too much with them!

I'd been wanting to do something with them for a while, and figured out how to cut my own chain and add the hardware and charms. Obviously, it was pretty easy, but it was exciting to have a brand new necklace to wear. Sometimes, you just want something new, and it was nice to not have to go out and spend a lot of money to get it. Plus, now I have the extra beads, chains, charms, and hardware to make different necklaces, bracelets, etc. for future gifts. How exciting! I'll try to document my progress for both the jewelry and embroideries.

Also in the craft world, I signed up for an online sewing class! It's called Home Ec, and it's taught by these three lovely ladies. I've got a small sewing knowledge (I've taken classes before), but this one looks like stuff that I actually want to know how to make. I'm kind of stoked. I'm trying to convince Joel to let me rearrange our place a little bit so that I can have a place to put my sewing machine (the desk that I bought to use around Christmas time was taken over by the new computer that we bought a couple of months ago. Eekkk -- I was trying to keep it hush, hush because I was embarrassed about the stupid amount of money that we shouldn't have spent. But gosh, I love it! ). Cross your fingers we can make it work in our tiny, tiny place! If so, hopefully I can whip out some of the easy projects this week. Eeeee! So excited!

Edit: Joel just came home, and he's going to help me rearrange! Yayyy! And thanks to him and Tom Murphy, you get to watch this ridiculously fantastic music video (seriously, you have to watch it!)! I think that we own those same drums!


Spending Hiatus: The End of Week Two (And A Half)

I've resumed my spending hiatus (for real), and have actually been doing pretty good with it. We have been living off of the groceries that we have at home, eating mostly veggies, fruits and beans, and have only made a couple of trips to the store (for turkey, cat food, and diced tomatoes), and eaten out only when we were out of town . . . not bad! It kind of goes hand-in-hand with my decision to lay off the carbs and sugar for a while (the last time I did it for just a week, I lost 6 pounds), so here's hoping that it will help push me in the direction of healthier foods (fruits and veggies), and away from the bread and ice cream (sigh, my downfall). Big pots of vegetable soup left-over stir-fry are getting me through and are good meals (and snacks). This week, I lost 2.4 pounds. It pays to pay attention to what I'm putting into my body!
It feels better to take care of myself than to mindlessly consume (food and stuff alike). I need to remember this!

I have officially not purchased anything since the beginning of the month, with the exception of the cute frames above for the beautiful black and white watercolor paintings that Rhett Nelson
made for me to give to Joel on our two-year anniversary. So pretty, right? They look exactly like our little babies! Fortunately, I'm able to trade Rhett photos of his pretty family for his pretty little kitty paintings. Though I would have gladly paid him for the paintings, I have to say that I love trades!

I have to admit though (and part of why I'm writing this post), is that I almost just slipped up -- and bad! I was reading blogs last week, and saw a picture of a Liberty of London planter. Um, how did I not even know that these existed? I feel like I've looked at the LOL stuff at least 50 times (probably more -- pathetic, I know), and I've never seen these guys! I had the I HAVE TO HAVE THIS feeling, and found one on eBay. I logged in, I hit the buy now button, and saw that to have this one planter, I would be paying $37.98, including shipping. And then I came to my senses, thank goodness. Also in my carts on the Target website, are the Liberty of London Bicycle, and the curtains. Of course I needed to have them, right? Not really. In the last two days, I've also convinced myself that I need this dress (also in purple), and six records and gobs of pretty fabric on Amazon. Luckily, my awesome uncle sent me a gift certificate to Amazon for my birthday, and if I decide that I can't stand it, I will give in and purchase something sweet. Or something responsible, like a cheap new phone. I think that Joel and I are trying to get rid of our iPhones to save some c@$h m0n3y on a monthly basis, and to put it towards the credit card. That stuff adds up!

Speaking of my birthday, it was two days after our anniversary (August 4), and it was pretty darn sweet! Actually, I'll first show you pictures of the day before, which was Angela's birthday -- she's one of our current interns! That same day, Joel's new guitar arrived!

And then we had ice cream cake! Yum!
Around 3 am that night (my birthday!), we picked up our friend, Ed, and drove to a hill in Tumwater to see if we could see the Solar Tsunami (aurora borealis). We kind of actually could! Can you see the bright lights above the ridge to the middle/right? We've gone back since, and it hasn't been there again. Kind of pretty! I hope someday we can see it closer and larger someday. It's on my life list!

We tried to find a better place to see it, and ended up by the water. Ed was trying to catch small fish and crab in his slurpee cup. And he did!

At lunch that day, we went to Mercado's for lunch. And it was totally yummy!

Since we didn't go swimming (it wasn't warm enough, boo!), and Joel had to work, Mariella invited us over for a bbq at her house for dinner. Joel ended up getting off early that night so that he could be a part of the birthday celebrations! It was totally yummy, relaxing, and mellow. I loved it!

Judy brought over this wine -- check out the pretty label!

My sweet pea surprised me with a pair of cute pink sunglasses, a Sonics record, and an air plant. Mariella gave me a beautiful vintage owl necklace, and Joel B. surprised me with a pretty bouquet of picked flower and a grow-your-own crystal tree! Awesome!

And more recently, Joel and I have been trying to have exciting weekends as close to home, and as cheap as possible. We went blueberry picking with Ben, Joel B., Mariella, and Lou (and didn't see any snakes!!).

And this past weekend, we did a lot of meteor shower watching, swimming at Lake Cushman, night swimming at a private lake with Judy, a drive-in movie at the Shelton Skyline Drive-in (it was a double feature -- Despicable Me and Toy Story 3 -- loved them!), and a day trip to Portland to photograph Starf*cker! We had a mellow drive down there (it's about two hours away from Oly), got lunch at a yummy healthy Mexican restaurant, and drove from place to place taking tons of pictures, and finally ending up at the river. It was HOT! Those guys are so fun and sweet. I love it every time we get to take pictures. Once we left them, Joel and I made a quick stop at Urban Outfitters to look for Levis for Joel (his had a huge rip in the knee -- and now they're cut-off shorts!), but didn't buy anything, and went to dinner at Nicolas for yummy Mediterranean food. Mmmm!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

What the Heck Fest: 2010

We did a lot of back-and-forths about whether or not we wanted to go to What the heck Fest this year, and after a lot of persuasion and guilt-trips (we gave them to others, too!), we decided to go, and had a nice time. We ended up leaving town late, which was actually okay, and got stuck in traffic. The drive up was longer, but we only missed the Friendship trail, or whatever it was called. Not a big deal.

We showed up just in time to have dinner and catch Lloyd and Michael (with Andrew and Birba playing with them, awesome!), and took all of the K merch to warehouse to set up. Calvin was late to get into town because of his rental car not being ready, so during Broken Water and LAKE, and D+, Joel and I mainly manned the table and sold whatever anyone wanted. Turns out, I can't do math, and am not very good with change. Oh well. Calvin and the interns took over afterward, and I got to watch Mount Eerie (with Nick and Julie of No Kids!) and Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat Dan Singa.

It was all really good, but I don't think I was really in the mood to be there yet, so we left a little early and went to a place down the street to get fries and beer (not for me) with Mike, Ben, Judy and Joel. Way more mellow, and an alright end to the evening. Joel and I went back to our car after to find a place to car camp. Oh man, our new car -- not the most comfortable ever. Turns out, it's a little shorter than the last car, and not the most awesome to sleep in.

We woke up real early (well, around 7) to make our way down to Shipwreck Days! I was really getting stoked on this, and between meeting up with people, and just wanting to look at everything, we probably walked the whole thing three to four times. Just for the record, Shipwreck Days is a city-wide garage sale (for the most part), and it is awesome. There is soooo much stuff. Unfortunately, everything was a little more than I wanted to spend, and I walked away from the most beautiful vintage shiny wallpaper ever. I came back, and it was gone -- and later met the person who bought who is using it to wrap his Christmas presents this year. Ugh, what a waste.

We had breakfast with Judy, Emily, Eli, and Ben (and Joel!), and while Judy and I went to look for treasures, everyone else went to The Business to see Calvin play. I only found two yards of 80's looking fabric (you can see one in the very top picture), and Judy is displaying her treasures below. I passed on all of the troll dolls that I found, but I sure am ready to start that collection up again.

I take that back -- I bought one small troll doll for Joel B. -- a Batman troll! We came back to Causland Park to chill for a bit and decide what to do next.

We were able to round up two car loads of people to go to Deception Pass, which none of us had ever been to before. Talk about gorgeous! We walked across one side of it, but Joel got scared, and the two of us went back to the land to check things out. Pretty awesome, though.

We lost the second car of folks, and decided to drive across to Bainbridge Island (I think that's the one that connects?), and made it only to the visitor's center, where we found some cool lit-up rocks, and awesome paintings. We got directions for ice cream and Mount Erie.

Probably the prettiest view that I've seen in the PNW so far. I mean, really, look at all of those islands!

We made a quick stop at the store for BBQ materials, and went back to the park for dinner. Yum!

Joel and I decided to leave a little early, but headed back to the warehouse to see No Kids (well, Nick and Julia anyway) first! Amazing!! I love those dudes SO MUCH.

And it worked out that we stayed for Karl Blau also (with LAKE as his back-up band). Always great.

After that, we made a stop for gas, donuts and coffee (just for Joel), and he drove us the whole way home. We made it home super fast, and once we were in bed, almost asleep, and we heard our door open! The Terrordactyls had a show in Oly that night, and before I knew that we were coming home early, I had offered them our place/bed. There was some confusion with text messages, and we both though that the others weren't staying there. Scariest/funniest moment ever. It was nice to wind down with Michael and Tyrel, and sleeeeeeep in (especially in our own beds!). I can't wait to see what happens next year. Maybe we'll actually camp this time! :)