Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July Rundown In Photos (Mostly)

Even though our summer has been canceled (what happened to the warm weather and swimming days??), our July was a pretty good one. It just doesn't feel like summer, though! What we've been up to is . . .

The the 4th of July on Vashon with the Terrordactyls and ladies.
Sophia took me for drinks and a drive around the island. We stopped and walked around a pretty beach and pointed out houses that we wish we owned. So pretty there!
Met Lisa, Tyrel's new iguana.
Went to Tyrel's family's BBQ on the beach. Pretty nice!

Homemade firecracker cookies:

After that, we went back to Ty and Sophia's house for our own bbq.

We made our way to see the epic fireworks along the water. Best fireworks ever.

And walked back to the car, stopping to ride the stationary bikes along the water, which were on the way.

After another stop at a final bonfire, we made our way back to the house for more hot dogs . . .
And arm wrestling competitions. I think that Michael or Tyrel won.

The next weekend, we met up with old and new friends to hike down to the Evergreen beach to see the phosphorescents on supposedly the best night of the year to see them. A few people took a dip, and the water lit up when they swam in, while the rest of us hung out on the beach, just dipping our fingers in.
We saw Mahjongg and Joey Casio -- best show recently. SO GOOD!

And took a cruise around Steamboat Island, just to cruise.

We stopped for soul cookies, and joked about peace tea.

The next day, we took a quick trip to Ocean Shores to get out of the (finally) hot weather, but once we rolled into Aberdeen, we hit clouds and wind. Bummer! It's still nice to visit the beach though, whenever possible.

Later that night, we stopped by Northern to check out Judith Baumann's art show -- look at that giant beautiful woman below! It took Judy 40 hours, and this is just the first layer -- it will be full-color when the rest are finished. I can't wait to see the final product.

We walked down to the lake to watch the Lakefair fireworks the next night. Not nearly as good as the Vashon show, but pretty beautiful with the capitol in the background.

The next night, we met Judy at the Reef for their reopening! It kind of made me feel sick, but Joel really liked it, and wants to go back, basically everyday.

The next weekend, we stopped by the ABC House for another bonfire for Ben English's birthday. So mellow and nice, and only a couple of blocks from the house.
The following day, we took a nice day trip to Long Beach, WA. It was gorgeous, and there was barely anyone on the beach!

We were stopped in the road by these crazy raccoons, and they tried to jump into our car!
We ventured further down the road to Oysterville, and then the wildlife refuge around there. Not necessarily worth the trip, unfortunately. Mega bugs.

We stopped for Mexican food on the way back, and made our way back to the beach.

Look at our new car!!
Right as we were leaving, Joel tried to turn around to leave the beach, and we were stuck up to the doors in the sand! I wish I'd taken pictures, but I was too busy panicking! Luckily, everyone else was leaving at the exact same time (seriously!), and a couple of guys tried to help push us out -- no dice. The final car on the beach rode up to us with rope, and towed us out! Sigh, they saved the day! To celebrate, we stopped for ice cream. :) Joel got some kind of chocolate thing, and I had birthday cake.

Finally, check out these cute K baked goods -- one from our old intern, another from our new one. Adorable!

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