Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Helsing Junction Sleepover 2010

This year's Helsing Junction Sleepover felt better than any before (of the three that I've been to), despite the fact that it was way too cold to swim in the river. Bummer. Joel and I managed to make it for two of the three days, and saw a good handful of bands, but definitely not even close to everyone. We had friends in town one of the nights, and had to get the house ready for a visit from mom, so we didn't go down on Sunday (or camp out! What's wrong with us??). Anyway, we managed to fit in tons of bands, a little dancing (but just a little!), a photo shoot with LAKE, candy, and some volunteer-prepared food (they roasted two lambs this year, and had ridiculously good veggie plates). I'm glad that we made it down there again this year -- it's beautiful, and everyone is just in such a good mood. You should come next year! :)

Below are a bunch of videos (so that you can feel like you were there too!), and after that are a few of the pictures that I took with my point-and-shoot. You can feel the good vibes out there. I love it!

P.S. The above picture is taken from Ben English's Facebook page! Thanks, Ben!

The Maxines

Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets

The Curious Mystery

Razz M Tazz

Joey Casio

Electric Sunset


And finally, Tender Forever.

The photos:


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