Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was a good one to
stay home. We actually didn't stay at home for the majority of it, but we were at least mostly in town, and sleeping in every morning. Amazing. On Saturday, we drove to Seattle with one of Joel's guitars and his two amps to see what the possibilities were of trading them in for something else. We went to two of the big music stores there, and actually found a few pretty guitars (pretty to me, and they sounded good to Joel), but their trade-in prices were kind of lame, and he would have traded all three of those things for the one guitar, plus we would have had to pay another $250. We passed, and went to visit one of our favorite Seattle dudes, Michael C., at his coffee shop, and went to dinner at Taste of India -- yum! We decided to head home after that (it was already 8:30pm), and were already on the interstate when we turned off to go to West Seattle for cupcakes at Cupcake Royal! I chose the Coconut Bunny, Joel chose the Kate, and we got two Dance Parties to bring home for Michael E. and Mariella. While we were there, we walked across the street to the record store, and I was this close to buying this record:

But I restrained, and drove us home. Sigh. It's so good, though! I love that band.

The next day, we decided to rearrange our house, and it feels AMAZING! We swapped our two "rooms", and the living room is now where the bedroom was, and vice versa. Every time we switch things up, it feels like we've got a bigger place. What I think really helps with this is that every time we rearrange, we also get rid of boat loads of stuff (in this case, an entire car load!). We ran errands and took one of the kombuchas that we were babysitting back to Ben K., Spencer's Xbox back to him, and dropped off an old table, a coffee table, and a ridiculous amount of cute kitchen stuff and shoes. We've still got an entire backseat full of old clothes and warm jackets, and miscellaneous tool stuff to take to the Goodwill. It feels good so good to not look at the clutter.

We also got rid of all of the prints from my two art shows from last year. We've been hanging onto them to reuse (paint on? Re-frame?), and they've been hiding in our attic, and under our couch, behind the washer and dryer, you name it! There were a little over 30 prints, so it feels good to not be holding onto those either. We put them on Craigslist and Opium, and they were gone within a couple of hours to people hanging them up in their place, and other artists, reusing them. So rad.

Since we gave our old table away (my sewing table), Mariella picked up a new one at Ikea for us! Joel got handy and put it together that night -- it's perfect for my sewing and our place! It's small, adorable, and matches the rest of our place. I love it! Yesterday was pretty much just mellowtown, with a lot of our day in bed, sleeping in and watching Netflix. We left in the early evening to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. I was pretty much fighting Joel for the past week or so about seeing it, which is strange, because I looooove Michael Cera, but I'm glad we went. I loved it so much! It was so good. So worth seeing -- go see it! When we came home, Joel cut and dyed my hair (what a good husband!), and I made a cute new headband with stuff that I had already had at home. This used to be a hot pink plastic headband! Sorry for the super posey picture below!

Today at work, I spent all of my time working on the layout for the new Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat dan Singa record. I haven't actually listened to it yet, but I'm getting psyched for the presentation, and I think it will be really beautiful when all is said and done. Arrington is super talented in all aspects of everything that he does, so it's always nice to work with him. Look at these lathe-cut 7 inches that he made, and also hand-painted:

And right as I was getting ready to leave work, Germaine (who is playing drums on Arrington's tour), showed up with Paul, a fellow Coloradan, who I've talked to via the interweb, as well as one of their lovely friends from Portland. What a nice surprise! We did a super quick impromptu photo shoot, and I took off to my Weight Watchers meeting. PS, down 3.6 pounds this week. Yes!

Now it's totally time to go to bed at a reasonable hour, so that I can get up for work tomorrow. Hope that you had a nice Labor Day Weekend also!



Robin said...

Aww your life sounds so cozy and sweet and your photos and updates are making me miss you!! You look super cute in that photo & WHEN ARE YOU VISITING???

sarahcass said...

Aww Robin, you are so sweet! I totally miss you! We'll be home at Christmas!! Love you!