Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 2010 Mix!

I've been not-so-secretly longing for autumn to come, and collectively missing nights in New York and Colorado, and my first move to Denver with my best friend at the time that we moved into our first apartment. I haven't felt nostalgic in quite a while, but as with all music, it really gives you those memories.It's not quite Fall yet (even though it feels like it), but I'm ready to switch gears from road trips, swimming in lakes and visiting the beach to embracing being under the quilt covers in our tiny house that I love, drinking hot tea, lighting candles, listening to mellow music louder, and snuggling with the kitties. We will relax and ease into darker, colder, and wet times (Oh, Washington . . .), and even though it's months away, I'm thinking of Winter, and missing loved ones. A trip home to Colorado can't come soon enough. Go love on your special people and furry family members.