Monday, November 1, 2010

See Ya Later, Pretty Car!

Guys, we sold our car. Sad times! But also good. It didn't run, and needed more work than it was worth to us (aka thousands of dollars). Can I tell you that it sat at the repair place for at least two months while they tried to sell it for us to take care of the bill, and they couldn't do it? Can you believe it? We put it on Craigslist, and got (no joke) at least 150 emails in less than a week -- for $400 more than they said it was worth!

On one hand, I feel like we might have put it on for too little, based on the responses that we received so quickly, and really, we were supposed to get $100 more, but I caved when the guy asked if we would take less (ugh, kicking myself for not being more stern), but I'm glad that it's gone (to a repair person, no less!), and that we were able to put that giant chunk of money immediately onto our credit card. I'm back in savings mode now (sometimes it helps to have a big deposit to get you moving in the right direction!), and as I declared on my last post on my other blog, I am not eating out for the next two months. I am actually canceling my final subscription account. Here we go again, Spending Hiatus. FOR REALS! Week One, y'all.


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