Monday, January 11, 2010

2010: goals

Since everyone else is making resolutions of the new year, I'm feeling inspired to really change a few things in my life and feel good about the life that I'm living. I don't think that I'll really make resolutions this year, but just goals for the year, and specifically, hopefully every month to keep me on track and getting the things that need to be done, done.

Here goes:
I want to be healthy! I want to lose this stupid weight! Honestly, over the last couple of months, everything just kind of felt like a bummer. I was over it all. Bored with my house, how I spent my days and nights, my friendships, you name it. 2009 was just a sucky year, for the most part. Being bored sure helps you pack on the pounds (and the holidays don't help!). I gained back all of the weight that I've lost over the past year, and am starting off back where I was when I first started Weight Watchers. Talk. About. A. Bummer. I am exercising again (every single day so far, and we're restarting Running Club next week!), and counting my points. And just trying to straight-up eat right. One of our goals for the month of January is to not go out to eat. No restaurants, no fast food, whatever. This also helps out monetarily, which rules. If I'm cooking or preparing my meals, at least I know what I'm eating. And it helps me feel much better, and it's easier to actually record what I'm putting into my body.

Joel and I also just canceled our gym membership at Bally's. It's too far from our house now (since we moved to the opposite end of town), and we never go, thanks to the distance, and having to drive (excuses!). I used to try to go in the mornings before work, but since Joel has to take the car at 5 in the morning, it's just not a reality. We are talking about joining 24 Hour Fitness, which I could walk or bike to if I wanted, and you know, is open 24 hours! Two less excuses solved to not go to the gym. The only problem is that it's way more expensive than we would be paying at Bally's (not way more, but it is double the price), but if I'll actually go, that extra money would be well spent. We'll see how this plays out. Currently, I have fallen back in love with my Wii fit, and Ben and I have been walking to work, which is a good way to start the day!

I want to continue decluttering! Since we moved into our tiny, tiny cottage, we have gotten rid of over 50% of our belongings . . . and will get rid of even more, hopefully! I would like to replace the large things (lamps, tables) with smaller things, or just get rid of a bunch of stuff altogether (dishes, clothes, kitchen stuff?). The less stuff that I have to stare at, the better I feel. How did I go from being the world's biggest packrat/thrifter to this? (OMG, PS, HAVE YOU SEEN HOARDERS? It makes me want to get rid of EVERYTHING THAT I OWN.)

And on the topic of decluttering, I want to slowly weed out a few friends. After spending two weeks in Colorado (pictures coming soon!) for the holidays, we got to hang out with our closest friends and family (actually, we only hung out with like, four friends, unfortunately), but those friends made me feel like the ones that we spend all of our time with (this isn't true for everyone) aren't nice to us, they make us feel bad, and we end up wasting a lot of time, energy, and money. Why would I want to hang out with people like that? I don't want to have to defend the things that I like, the things I want to do, and the way that we are every time I'm with someone. Plus the guilt we get when we don't hang out with them for a day, or a week, or whatever. We just end up feeling BAD. We just haven't found the right friends to turn this town into "home." Or, maybe we have, and we just aren't giving them the proper chance. We would like to start saying "yes" to the right people, and "no", to the ones that we actually want to say no to.

Continuing on the subject of saying no, I am making a pact with myself to not do any more free photo shoots. Even if it's for someone I love. Even if it's for my friends (but obviously for my family, duh). The free shoots are the ones that I feel taken advantage of, and especially for my friends, are the ones that I waste too much time and energy on. To put it simply, the people who get things for free, want the most. Maybe even demand the most. I want to be compensated for my time, my energy, my skills, and my hard drive space!

Also, I would like to craft more (my parents got me a brand new sewing machine for Christmas!!!), take more pictures that I want to take, blog more consistently, and straight-up get creative and organized. Don't you want to do that, too?

When Joel and I were driving home from CO after Christmas, we came up with a small list of goals for the year.

2010 goals:
pay off credit card
don't use credit card
exercise 5x week (wii, walking, etc.)
do weekly meal planning/prep
set up allowance and budget
quit being "yes" dudes (no means no)
take more trips (once a month)
no january eating out
no fast food ever!
fruits and veggies (eat 'em)
see vashon/seattle dudes more

learn instrument - 30 min/day (i've learned 7 guitar chords so far, and been playing more drums!)
lose weight

make more art
stop soda now
get school figured out

Seems easy enough. I would love to hear your goals for the week/month/year too, to inspire me more! It's easier and much more fun when you're not in it alone.