Wednesday, February 24, 2010

first mix!

Last year, my friend Adam got 12 of us together (including himself) to participate in a mix trade. Each person got a different month, and sent 11 mixes out to all of the other participants. My month was August, so I put together a mix and Joel drew on the covers, and made the cover for the slip of paper that had the song titles on it (up above). A lot of these songs are my go-to songs for mixes, so they've been on a few that I've made previously, but I just want EVERYONE to hear them! Seriously, these songs are so good!

I've decided to give you my mix, and hopefully, once a month, or however often I feel like it, I'll put up a new mix! I know that other people do this on their blogs, and I've found it such a good way to find new music!

Anyway, click here to download a zip of the songs. Enjoy!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ian svenonius

ian was here last week mixing the new chain and the gang album, and we started putting together new artwork for a 7". while doing this, he was looking through some old photos from last year, which got me thinking that i should edit a few that were never used. here's a couple from the capitol -- you can tell it's definitely not winter, because there are flowers
everywhere! i wish it would hurry up and stay warm and sunny!


Monday, February 15, 2010


i had a dream last night that i left joel for the middle jonas brother. maybe he's not even the middle jonas, but he's the one with the curly hair -- you know, the cute one! actually, they are all cute. who knew that i even liked the jo bros? really though, i love this song:

in other music news, joel and i were looking at shows that will be in seattle online last night, and we saw that the morning benders will be in seattle in march (maybe april?). i'd never heard of them, but joel made me watch the video below. holyyyy smokes! i think i have a new favorite band, and a new crush. sigh. so, so good. between them, thee oh sees, and the sandwitches (who i unfortunately missed when they were in town, ahhhh! :( :( ), i think that maybe we'll end up in sf at some point, years from now. enjoy!

today was a hard day to get through. i woke up in good spirits, but was out of it
all day. do you ever have one of those days where you just don't want to really talk to anyone, and there's nothing to say, and everything annoys you? that was my day. nothing necessarily out of the ordinary (except that i attended my first protest today, weird!), but just a hard day with bad food choices. after exercising for an hour, i'm starting to come out of my funk.

i'll be posting a few fun things below that we did/had happen this past month. all in all, it has been a really good beginning to the year, and i'm looking forward to seeing what happens next!

also, our credit card is under $1,000! we should be able to make another payment of about $775 this month, and we're getting it outtttaaaa here!

check out this pretty trail that joel and i hiked last week along the puget sound -- it was so pretty!

while there, we stumbled onto this sign, which is currently my favorite sign ever:

we went to visit tyrel and sophia on vashon island a few weeks ago (you can see the puget sound right behind their house!), and we just played a lot of wii. they then came to visit us (so did brittany and michael!), and we made a thanksgiving feast, and also played a lot of wii. we also spent a surprising amount of time watching youtube videos and playing on chatroulette, but we only let the kitty be on our camera, which really meant that for the night it was
catroulette. har har!

julie doiron & bowerbirds played in olympia at northern. it was seriously so beautiful. i have videos that i'll try to upload, if i can figure out how to easily.

my favorite new tea and tea bag holder:

kitties, of course -- look how big they are!

and my favorite ever teapot cozy that andrew dorsett made for calvin/k for christmas. SO GOOD!

eep! i will try to blog more often so that these posts will be shorter! hope that your valentine's day was so sweet! joel and i took a trip to centralia, then came home to chinese food and snuggled on the couch to the new x-files movie! not a bad way to spend the day.


p.s. look at sophia's gorgeous new blog and designs here! how talented is she?!! seriously! and michael and tyrel are pretty talented too -- cutest myspace page ever!!