Thursday, June 24, 2010

sw33t gifs

I'm trying to clean up my hard drive and found a few gems from the BF (now husbro) below. You can see our family portrait above (ha!).

Also, a sweet web page I made when we were LDD. No idea what it was for, but it's still legit.

You can obviously see from these pictures that he pretty much knows exactly the kind of stuff that I like.
This was a birthday picture via MS Paint. Can you see the birthday cake and Andrew WK? I saw him that day, but unfortunately, it wasn't with Joel.

Cute boy!
And to round things off in this gif fest, my very first successful gif:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lou the puggggg

We're pugsitting this week and next for Mariella and Michael while they're in London! We looooove pugs, and most importantly, we looooove Lou! Serious love for this pug.

Last night, we were snacking on pretzel sticks, and being a dog, Lou was begging. He's eaten almost anything else we've dropped or given him (kale, popcorn, carrots, potatos, fruit), but he does NOT like pretzels. Joel and I thought his reaction was sooo funny that we couldn't stopped laughing and had to try to videotape it. Luckily, his reaction was pretty much the same as before. I love this pug!!

Hope that your day is amazing!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the beginning of an epic summer

Let me start out with this: I promise I will never make a post this long again! If you don't want to scroll through pictures (and you're reading this on google reader, click mark as read! My apologies in advance!).
I've been feeling kind of bummed today. Not necessarily about just one thing, but money, and problems that I can't solve at work, my weight (um, I stayed on plan and exercised all week, and only lost .2 lbs.), and our house that only stays clean for a couple of hours. Things just feel blah, but maybe it's just the rainy day. You'd think that I would be used to it by now, right?

Well, in honor of my bad mood and not having posted for real in a long time, I'm going to post all of the fun things that we've been up to the past few weekends. I should remember how good things are, and even though things aren't perfect, I really don't have much to complain about. Right?

A few weeks ago, Joel and I started off the "summer" with a fun bbq at Mariella and Michael's house. It was just the two of us, the two of them, and Lou the pug. We made hot dogs and smores with peanut butter. Kind of ridiculous!

Ben, Mariella and I had Meconi's on the lawn at the Capital. Soo pretty.

That same weekend, Joel and I made our way to the Oregon Coast. We went to Cannon Beach, and a couple of others that I can't remember the name of. We hung out in Astoria and checked out the antique shops and thrift stores along the way. I found my favorite bowl of all time, and unfortunately, the kitties knocked it off the counter and broke it. :( Bummer. It was great to take naps in the sand though, and walk on the Goonies beach!

The next week, we had a big birthday bbq for Joel B's 26th birthday. It was so fun! We hung out in the yard behind K and had burgers, fruit and cake.

We took off early from work that day and drove to YAKIMA, Washington. There was a ridiculous amount of traffic, but it was a really beautiful drive and really exciting to see the Eastern half of the state for the first time.

What we actually went to Yakima for though was to see my favorite ever musician (tied with David Bowie), BRYAN WHITE. SIGH. I LOVE BRYAN WHITE! It was incredible. Like, seriously the best thing ever. I hadn't seen him (or really heard anything about him) for kind of a while and then all of the sudden, BAM. He is playing four hours away in two days (from when I looked at his myspace). AMAZING! I kind of wanted to cry, it was so good. He played all of his old songs, and everything I would have wanted to hear. Just him playing guitar with a pianist backing him up. Richie MacDonald played next, and was really good as well (better than I would have imagined, even though I've probably seen him play with Lonestar before a half a dozen times). It was really Bryan though that stole my heart (again . . . and Joel's! He was singing his songs all weekend!). SO GOOD. (And a side note -- turns out George Lopez (my other favorite guy ever) was in Yakima the same night. Really? I wish I had known. It would have been the BEST NIGHT EVER EVER.)

Ahhhh, amazing!!! On our way back home, we stopped at Snoqualmie Falls and had lunch at the Twin Peaks Diner. Actually, we didn't have lunch -- we both had pieces of cherry pie, and Joel had a damn fine cup of coffee (ha!). It was beautiful! The falls were gigantic and great, and the diner was a little of a bummer -- don't get me wrong, it was fun, but not what I was hoping for and expecting, based on watching Twin Peaks. Sooo many tweety birds.

I have such a crush on Agent Cooper. I want someone to draw me a portrait of him -- I keep trying to convince Joel. Probably never going to happen. :(

Then we came home to snuggle the kitties for the night.

I sewed two catnip triangles for the dudes, and they LOVED THEM!

The next day, we headed to Vashon Island to have a bonfire with the Terrordactyls and their ladies. We made potato boats, roasted hot dogs, and Joel and Sophia put on survival suits and floated around in the Puget Sound. There were phosphorescents in the water, so when you put your fingers or toes in, everything sparkled and glowed! I'd never seen that before. Soo neat.

Later that night, we went back and played a homemade memory game, where we were all in a couple of the pictures. Those crafty dudes!

On the way home that next morning, we stopped for some fro-yo in Tacoma. Breakfast! Yummm. Please note that the picture is of Joel's, and not mine. I had fruit and almonds, not gummy bears and mochi!

Other fun things that we've done lately was see Mirah at Northern (Joel made the sweet flyer below), Starfucker played a house party here (I love those dudes!), and Arts Walk. Northern also had its first birthday! There was an art show with a few Vancouver artists, and Mecca Normal played! We ducked out before they started, though.

Sadly, Shawn left K, and Brian had (yet another!) bbq with all of the work dudes. Sad times! Shawn is totally missed!

Last weekend, Joel and I volunteered at Northern and ran the door. The Terrordactyls played their last show of the tour with Kendl Winter (and another band I can't remember), and everyone was really amazing! Unfortunately, ONE PERSON showed up. LAME. I felt so sad for everyone playing. What a good show everyone missed!

And as for this weekend, it was a long one (but not long enough). We got to see our friend Alex for the smallest amount of time on Firday, and missed his lady, Jesse. :( On Saturday, Arrington (Malaikat dan Singa) played at the artesian well thanks to a generator. It was great (as always). He is so good at what he does, and I really admire all of the hard work he puts into everything. He's so talented! Have you seen his artwork too?? Lots of people showed up, and it was a party downtown.

After the show at the well, we headed to Tacoma to see the Terrordactyls play, but got there late, and saw a minute of them, and walked to pizza instead of watching the rest of the show. Afterwards, we just hung out outside, and when Sophia and Ty had to catch the ferry, Joel and I followed Michael and Brittany to Seattle. We played Scrabble and homemade memory, and the next day walked around downtown until my feet stung (and I had to buy new shoes!), hung out in the park, and went bowling! The best! Love all of those dudes so much!!

And now, I leave you with the best pawn shop display EVER. That sure is a lot of Will Smith!