Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Weekend

My weekend was mostly mega cleaning (laundry, dishes, bathroom, kitchen, vacuuming, tidying up), getting rid of things I don't need anymore, the slightest bit of grocery shopping, blogging, and these three things:


{Crafting - part of my button collection}

{Cat time - Gibbs}

{and Baby Girl}

I think I watched maybe 4 hours worth of Family Ties, and only left the house once. No regrets! I love Winter!


PS. No Spending Hiatus update this week -- since the last one, I haven't spent any money! Actually, I might be done with them all together, though privately not spending. Turns out, now that I actually don't have any money to spend, it's not as hard (or tempting) to shop or drop any cash. Go figure!