Monday, February 7, 2011

My 100th Post and All of My Mixes!!

Dudddessss!!!! This is my 100th post (which is a big deal, considering I've had this blog since 2007)! I was going to make you the ultimate mix, but then my hard drive died, and after 170+ songs, I lost it! So, in order to give you something else that's special (and because I am ridding my life of mostly all of my physical cds), I've ripped every single mix that was ever given to me to my computer, and uploaded it to my website for me to archive, and for you to download and listen to as you please!

There are 61 mixes in all (some dating back to 1999!), which means that there is a lot of music! But here's the catch -- it's a torrent (it's huge!). Also, since they're mixes, and the majority unlabeled, I don't have any artist or song names for you. I'm sorry! Just burn them to a CD for your car, or stick them on your ipod and shuffle! I actually decided to also keep the name of the mix, as well as the person who gave it to me (if I even know it) off as well, just because they have to still be kind of personal to me. And maybe they don't want anyone to know that they sent me a mix? Who knows -- maybe one of these was from you! If so, thank you! But if not, thanks for reading my blog! :) It has been super special to know that there are other people interested in what I'm up to, and what I have to say. If you are reading this, please link me to your blog below! I would love to see what you're up to as well! Yay!

//\\ all of my mixes //\\


P.S. In honor of the occasion, I have a new blog layout (if you're reading this on Google Reader) that Joel helped me with! Yay!!

Edit: I just replaced the link with a .zip file. No more torrents! Please let me know if you have any problems!

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