Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spending Hiatus . . . Food and Money

I'm feeling bummed. Straight-up, everything feels hopeless these past two days, with money being the biggest factor. After a careless weekend with eating out (every day!) and spending too much money on stuff that we didn't actually need, I'm feeling guilty, and bummed. We put in an application today for a new apartment a block away from my work, which is really cute and big (compared to our 456 sq. feet that we've been living in for over a year), and cheaper than what we're paying now. If we do end up moving though, we'll be paying double-rent for a month, and draining our savings account (we're hoping to get our money back on our current deposit/pet deposit, but moving costs money!), which is a harsh reality.

My plan? Even if we don't get the apartment, I'm reinforcing the Spending Hiatus/eating in, for at least a month. I need something to keep me on track! Our new monthly income will have changed starting at the beginning of the month (cut hours for both Joel and myself), and it seems like that should be enough time to get a grasp of what is actually coming in, and what we can afford to have going out. What's different from every other Spending Hiatus I've tried to do previously is . . . I'm going to actually try hard! And I'm including food in this one. We've tried pretty hard to create a "food bank" this past month, and to lessen our spending, but we're still paying too much for food, and not eating what we actually have. The exceptions will be to buy a little bit of fresh produce every week (I am trying to be healthy and lose weight, after all), probably some almond milk, and some sort of protein (if we run out of what we have -- though, we kind of have a lot right now). I'm giving us a budget of $22.50/week to stock up on what we think we have to have. Is that reasonable? It's super low for what we normally spend (closer to the $100/week mark -- or more?), but I think if we actually try hard, we can do it. At the very least, we'll be spending way less than normal.

The other exception? Um . . . this. I actually bought it in black last month, but canceled the order after Joel told me that I should wait for the yellow. So technically, I would already have this, and I have been waiting patiently for months to have one of these. I have the money saved in the bank, and I do plan to make the purchase. I'm justifying this with the fact that I only have one other purse, which doesn't have a shoulder strap, and it's currently beat up. Don't judge me on this one, okay? If it was available any sooner, I would already totally have it.

And a just-in-case? Technically, I have about $40 to spend between Happy Teriyaki and Barnes and Noble . . . plus, $25 at Amazon, and $20 to spend on a new Groupon. Gosh, I love Groupon . . . and LivingSocial, for that matter. That looks like a lot, altogether, doesn't it? So, if I actually have any unexpected things pop up (do I need to give a gift? did something break? friends in town that want to go to dinner?), we'll be okay on that end too.

Whew. HERE GOES. Does anyone want to try this with me?


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