Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What I Want Out of 2011

So, we're sitting pretty in the second week of February, and I have just now solidified my goals for the year. Better late than never. Here goes with a list of the new ones, as well as my progress on last year (less than stellar). Hopefully coming into things late will be beneficial (I mean, I had a month to figure out what I really wanted out of the year, right?) -- or maybe it just means that I'm already off to a rough start. Eek!
  • I want to lose 50 pounds by January 01, 2011.
  • I want to exercise 3-4 times/week, and try to sometimes walk during my lunch breaks.
  • I want to read 15 books.
  • I want to create 15 physical things throughout the year (sewing, crafting, whatever).
  • I want to respond to all of my electronic mail immediately (also, reply to text messages and phone calls -- I have to get over my hatred for technology!).
  • I want to see a whale this year! 2011: The Year of the Whales!
  • I want to give more to people that I care about (gifts, cards, time, love).
  • I want to continue decluttering my life -- seriously get rid of stuff that I don't love, or that doesn't have purpose.
  • I want to be (slightly) more social. But only a little bit.
  • I want to spend less, and save more to work towards being debt free.
  • I want to travel more, and go somewhere special. One special trip.
  • I want to go camping once (or twice!).
  • I want to go kayaking once (or twice!).
  • I want to make lists (or set small weekly goals).
  • I want to revamp the blog! I'm bored with it right now. Already done!
  • I want to say yes more often (but only if I at least kind of want to do whatever the saying yes refers to -- no doing it just because I'm supposed to say yes more often!).
  • And the other big one -- I want to organize all of my photos, video, and music. I want to have all of my old videos and photos converted to digital formats (and uploaded to the web), and have the hard copies, as well as digital copies, organized and put away for safe keeping. And seriously -- I'm finally getting rid of all of my CDs! Some of this one may or may not happen, since it depends a lot on other people. But I'll do what I can!
As for last year's goals, well, I sucked at most of them! Shoot! Here is a rundown:
  • pay off credit card | we got this down to about $600 from $5k, and then back up to $5k. We've wavered between $3k and $5k, and are currently on the lower end of the spectrum now. And going down still . . . slowly.

  • don't use credit card | uh, obviously you can read our progress above. our expenses are higher than our paychecks sometimes (not even including the fun stuff or food or gas), so it ends up on the credit card. fail!

  • exercise 5x week (wii, walking, etc.) | i sure exercised a heck of a lot more than the year before, but again, fail. 5x a week is just too much for me some weeks, and others, it's not. this year, i'm feeling it out and shooting for 3x minimum.
  • do weekly meal planning/prep | i succeeded on the prep, but the meal planning totally didn't work. i kind of decided that i would rather decide the day of what i wanted to eat, and that's okay.

  • set up allowance and budget | we set it up . . . but only followed through sometimes. ughhhh.
  • quit being "yes" dudes (no means no) | finally! one that i was successful with. i feel so much more grounded and mellow, and in control of my life now that i'm not doing something just because someone else wants me to.
  • take more trips (once a month) | they might have been mini-trips, but we took them! and big ones too! you've seen pictures in this blogggggg. :)
  • no january eating out | we ate out once. not perfect, but pretty awesome!

  • no fast food ever! | um, actually we did pretty good with this. i don't know that i can actually remember the last time we ate fast food (and i consider fast food mcdonald's, wendy's, taco bell . . . oops. we do eat taco bell sometimes!). we still did pretty good. i don't really have any interest in going to any of those places in the near future, though.
  • fruits and veggies (eat 'em) | yes!
  • see vashon/seattle dudes more | we totally did this, but then stopped hanging out somewhere around the 4th of july. maybe we saw them three or four more times? maybe less? more this year, please!
  • learn instrument - 30 min/day (i've learned 7 guitar chords so far, and been playing more drums!) | i gave up! really, i just forgot and lost interest . . . maybe this year?
  • lose weight | nope. well, just barely. this year for sure. off to a good start now . . .

  • sew/craft/paint | the sew/craft part was totally a success. i actually learned how to use my sewing machine, and whipped up a couple of christmas presents! and it totally rules. i have the sewing bug!
  • make more art | he's doing it! and he had an art show! i will try to post pictures and video from this . . . because it was awesome!
  • stop soda now | totally still drinking soda. oh well.
  • get school figured out | i'm totally proud of joel on this one. he's in his second semester in school, and doing awesome! and also not paying for it. even more awesome!

Fingers crossed for a great 2011!


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