Monday, April 11, 2011

Potlucks and Parties!

Two weeks ago, we celebrated Mariella's 10th Anniversary at K! Can you believe it? I'm sure glad she's there! Calvin brought a flourless cake from Tasha Nicole, which rumor has it, is Oprah's favorite bakery. I brought cookies and dark chocolate peanut butter cups, and there were five kinds of juices. Afterwards, we had an epic two-hour + staff meeting which had us all hopped up on sugar and feeling weird. This week's was even longer!

Then later that weekend, we invited all of our friends over for a housewarming potluck, and it was so wonderful! I spent most of the night sitting in a chair snuggling Mike and Beth's sweet little baby, and our new place was packed! There were so many sweet people, so much good food, a couple of babies, a little bit of kitty snuggling, and tons of good times. It was awesome, and I totally want to do it again. And more movie nights! I'll try to take photos of the actual house when we've got it more put together. Yay!

And last week, Joel and I managed to use both of the two Groupons that we'd bought, and went to Barnes and Noble to buy my dad a birthday present, and then to sushi the next day with our friend and old roomie, Mike. It was all-you-can-eat, and pretty fun. I felt awful afterwards, but would totally do it again. We didn't learn any lessons, apparently!

We were also invited to our sweet friend, Judy's, for a birthday potluck with all of her friends and her visiting Grandma! Her and her G-ma made 120 homemade pierogies for everyone, and there were tons of new friends, sweets, and a camera lesson from Mike D. Such a nice time! Happy Birthday, Juuuuuuddayyyyy!


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