Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a billion photos in olympia

Sometimes I feel bad when I post a lot (and then I don't post for months, so I have to make up for it! Ha!), and I'm pretty sure that this is going to be one of those times. I've been taking so many pictures throughout the last year, trying to document literally every little thing that I've been doing (which means a lot of cat and Joel pictures), but now I've got literally terabytes of images that are just sitting there and not doing anything on my hard drives, and I totally worry about something happening to them. What if they stop working, or there's a fire, or I just plain lose them somehow? Even though I've got back-ups in other places (what kind of photographer would I be if I didn't?), I really want to make this space more about documenting the things that I love, and the fun times that I've had. I want to be able to look back at what an amazing place I love in, how great my life feels some days, the friends that I've made, and the adventures that I've had. The Pacific Northwest is a really special part of the world, and even though there are days that I would rather be anywhere but here, Olympia is my home right now, and I'm embracing it with open arms. I want this space (my personal blog) to be my (photo) journal, and I want to share it with whoever wants to see it.

What I'm going to be posting over the next couple of weeks (that will extend into hopefully years!) are random photos from bbqs, photos and videos from the rare shows that I've attended, pictures from our weekend adventures, other photos from the last year (um . . . our trip home to Colorado at Christmas?? A little late, right?), and currently in the next couple of blog posts, the past MOST AMAZING trip along the Washington and Oregon coast last July -- Washington with my mom, and Oregon with both her and my husband. I'm only now getting through the photos, and looking at them again makes me feel the magic. You'll see soon!

My apologies in advance for a billion photo posts coming up soon
. . . but only a few apologies, since this is totally my blog and I'm totally going to post what I want! ;)


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