Sunday, June 19, 2011

colorado is so awesome

We've been in Denver, Colorado for the past week (and Grand Junction the week before), and have had some pretty awesome experiences and hung out with tons of people that we love (not to mention, we've had 7 shoots so far!). Joel flies back to Olympia on Tuesday, and I'm driving back to Grand Junction to hang out with family for the next two weeks before making the epic drive back around July 2nd. Anyone want to drive back with me?

I want to focus on two really exciting things though. The first being that tonight, we saw a bear! It was about ten feet in front of us on the porch of the house that we are staying at in Perry Park. I was so surprised/scared/excited that I took video with a low ISO and out of focus. It's a good thing I'm not a real photographer, right? ;)

The second awesome thing is that the first night we arrived in Denver, our friend, Bree, texted us to tell us about a secret show happening at our friend Leighton's house. Can you guess who it was?

JENS LEKMAN. I about died!

Bree wrote about the show here
, and her awesome little sister, Zoe, recorded it and took pictures (above)!

SO AWESOME. Off to bed!


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