Monday, October 24, 2011

forks and la push: day 1 and 2

Every time my mom comes to visit, we pretty much head directly to the beach, and this last visit was no different. We packed up my car, reserved a cabin in La Push, Washington, and made our way around the Olympic Peninsula. We had been there before, but this was the first time that my mom had come to visit since reading the Twilight books . . . which she has already read a few times over!

After we unloaded our car, we headed directly to the beach, which was right in front of us. This was the path!

This was a giant tree (driftwood!) that had washed up on the shore. Can you imagine?

The first starfish of the trip!

Doesn't my mom look happy?

Our cabin!

We made a couple of sandwiches for dinner and drove around to see what we could find. We ended up where all of the boats were docked to take about a million photos. La Push at sunset is SO PRETTY!

The next day, we started out exactly where we had left off the night before -- doesn't it look totally different? We wandered around a little bit, took a few photos, and decided to take a hike to (I think?) Second Beach, which we hadn't checked out before. The year before, Joel and I tried to do it right as it was getting dark (thinking it wasn't far away), got a little ways in, and gave up since it was getting hard to see. Turns out, it's kind of far, but TOTALLY worth it!

I wish you could tell how foggy it was in the forrest -- it felt super Twilight!

These dogs kept scaring up all of the birds, which made the beach feel even more special.

Can you spot the pelican? The first one that I've ever seen!

A tree full of treasures (and slugs)!

The happiest leaf I've ever seen . . .

And Jacob's hanging out in the window to say goodbye on your way out of town. I love it!

A trip to Forks wouldn't be complete without following the Twilight driving tour! When you stop at the information center, they have printed our directions ready for you. It was super geeky and really fun to find! The locals must deal with a whole bunch of lost tourists everyday, because as soon as we stopped at a stop sign, we were directed by tons of people to turn left! Ha! The truck above is a replication of Bella's truck from the movie, and the house below belongs to the Cullens!

In the hospital parking lot!

Bella's house . . .


After stopping at the local pizza place for lunch, we walked around downtown Forks and stopped in every Twilight store the we could. It sounds so silly, but I really do love how much the town plays it up. The best store, hands down, is the official Twilight store.

We decided that we weren't going to spend another night in Forks and made our way back down the coast, stopping at literally every pull-out and beach along the way. The Washington coast sure is pretty . . .

And as an added bonus to our drive home, the moon was HUGE! We had to stop to take a picture, but we totally had the wrong lenses on and the pictures turned out like the one you can see above. Just for fun though, I threw it in (along with another man who had stopped for photos) so that you could see how massive this thing was! It felt very epic, and I can only imagine how many werewolves were around us . . . ;)

I'll post the next few days of our trip in a bit . . .


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