Monday, October 24, 2011

oregon coast: day 1

After our trip to Forks, we grabbed Joel and hopped back in the car, this time heading South towards Oregon. Joel and I had made this trip before, but hadn't made it past Cannon Beach, so we were feeling pretty excited to check it out!

Our first stop was at the Astoria Column. From their website, "The Astoria Column commemorates the westward sweep of discovery and migration. Built in 1926, it is 125 feet high and has 164 steps winding to the top." Of course we had to climb it and check out the view!

Worth it, right?

A trip to Astoria isn't complete without stopping at the Custard King! Yum!

We made our way straight to the beach (duh!) and wandered around Cannon Beach while the tide was out. This is BY FAR the best way to experience this beach. The rocks were COVERED with starfish!

We decided that we were ready to check out the rest of what was along the way and made our way down, stopping at literally every single stop so that my mom could get out and take pictures (we got out at most of the stops, too). :)

Another beach at sunset . . . so perfect.

We made it to Rockaway Beach and found the cutest little motel home for the night. We ended up stopping at the grocery store and fixing dinner in our kitchen for the night, watching Degrassi, and crashing early.

The next day will be up soon!


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