Thursday, November 3, 2011

june in colorado: glade park


Even though the Monument is right behind our house, I still REALLY love to go up there. We actually changed our plans though and made our way up Glade Park with both of the dogs.

Of course we stopped at every lake! They were STOKED!

My main mission was to pick a ton of wildflowers to take back to turn into bouquets for my parents/grandma/aunt and uncles, and to pick a bit of sage and indian paintbrush as a bouquet for me (like my wedding bouquet, but smaller!).

My dad thought it would be really fun to make the rocks in the stream look like boulders. He took this one! I should also mention that my mom most likely took a large majority of the really vivid pictures here. Her camera is a super saturater!

Of course she made me pose by the fence . . . but it was a pretty sweet fence, right? And we HAD to stop in the field of yellow flowers! Packer LOVED them!

Before we left, we stopped by the spot that Joel and I got married. My dad knew exactly where it was (I wouldn't have remembered!), and there was a huge campsite in the middle of it. After we got married, we carved our names in one of the nearby aspen trees and I was determined to find it. We wandered around that campsite for about five minutes looking for it, and the tree was in the very middle of all of the campers -- good thing no one was home! I made my mom walk over to take a few pictures (at the very top of this post!), but boy, we sure felt like creeps! It's still there, though!! :)

As soon as we headed off of the hill, we went over to my Grandma's for an early 4th of July bbq on the porch. The perfect way to end the weekend, and pretty much the end of my photos from Colorado. Two days later, I drove back to Washington by myself. So excited to be back soon, but this time, I'm flying! Woohoo!

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