Thursday, November 3, 2011

june in colorado: oregon, utah, the uncompahgre, and denver

For almost the entire month of June, I was given some time off from my amazingly awesome job to visit my family in Colorado and spend a lot of time with my Grandma since she was diagnosed with cancer a few months earlier (which is totally bogus). I spent literally every day with her during the day, and every night with my parents (and then when they went to bed, I spent every night scanning old photographs from my grandma's house . . . two huge plastic tubs down, about three more to go!). It was a totally awesome vacation, and luckily, I get to be back there for Christmas -- I seriously can't wait!


Joel drove with me on the way there, and of course we had to stop in Pendleton and Multnomah Falls. I can't tell you how many times we've actually driven by the falls and never stopped, so we figured we had better do it this time since it was beautiful and warm out! Turns out, it's way bigger when you stop to get out and actually look at it. Super pretty and super worth our stop. Next time, maybe we'll do a little hiking in the area!


When we finally made it to Grand Junction, we hung out for the week until my parents were off on the weekend and took a short day trip up onto the Uncompahgre. My dad stopped at the old granite mine (it's not really a mine, but that's where they used to get it from -- the side of the cliff!) so that we could walk around and explore. It was SO PRETTY that I made everyone take some "family pictures." We had to, you know?

This was an old house nestled up against the rocks -- unfortunately, they had put a fence around the field, otherwise we would have gone to check it out. Can you see the waterfall below?

When we got back that night, my dad pulled me into the garage to show me his rock collection, especially the amethysts (he had coffee cans full!) that had come from the mine that was in that same canyon. I guess when he was my age (ish), he knew someone who worked in the mine and was able to go in and pick them out. I picked out a small mason jar full to take home. If you ran them under water, you could really see them sparkle. So pretty and fun!


We spent a week of our trip in Denver so that I could do a few photo shoots (eleven!) and see Joel's family. Sadly, this is the only photo that wasn't from one of the shoots. Joel's one-eyed pug, Smokie! This was the same week that we saw the bear and Jens Lekman, though, so Denver was TOTALLY eventful! I dropped Joel off at the airport at the end of the week to fly home for work and headed back to GJ.


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