Tuesday, November 22, 2011

mount rainier: part one

Sometime at the end of August/September, Joel, Beth, Ryer and I got up early on our day off to take off to Mount Rainier and check out Paradise!  Apparently, the snow only melts away for a couple of weeks out of the year, and we'd just heard from a few other friends that the wildflowers were in bloom.  Of course we had to go!  We made plans to meet up with another group of friends along the way, but upon entering the park, we realized that there was absolutely no cell phone service.  We had to take our chances!

Before we actually made it into the park, we stopped to check out the CUTEST hotel ever (I want to stay here!) and the littlest church in Washington while Beth fed Ryer.  What an awesome place, right?

Can you see the tip of the top of the mountain in the clouds?

We stopped at pretty much every stop that you could to take pictures and check it out, and this waterfall was at the bottom of a rest stop.  So pretty and worth the short walk!

Once we hit the stop of the mountain and pulled into the parking lot, we literally turned in RIGHT BEHIND our friends!  Talk about perfect timing!  It took us only a minute or two to get out things together, put warmer clothes on, and start the trail up the mountain.  I'm pretty sure that if we hadn't run into them, we wouldn't have even gone that way, but it seriously took you directly to the top, and I'm so, so, so glad that we did it!

Lunch stop!

We made so many marmot friends!  They were totally not phased by people and got up close and personal to pose for photos.  So cute!

Every time we reached a point that we thought was the top, it totally kept going, and I was pretty sure I wasn't going to physically be able to make it to the top.  Beth and I took it slow, and it was totally no problem.  I've got to have more faith in myself and challenge myself with this sort of thing more often.  You know?

This post is a little lengthy, so I'm splitting it into two parts!  Please view part two here!



mer said...

So pretty!

sarahcass said...

<3 <3 <3 mt. rainier is the prettiest! thanks for looking at my photos! :)