Tuesday, November 22, 2011

mount rainier: part two

We made it!  Once we got up to where we thought was the top, everyone else was taking picture of themselves "jumping off of the mountain."  I'm pretty sure this one of Joel is the best!  We went a little further, turned the corner, and were hit with harsh wind, mega cold air, and way more snow.  We decided it was too cold for the baby, and while everyone else went on, Beth, Ryer, and I took our time heading back down the hill.  It was seriously so beautiful -- I probably stopped every few feet to take a picture!

Lava rock!  It is a volcano, you know . . . 

All of the flowers and plants at the top were covered with dew. 

When we made it to the bottom, we made some new deer friends, checked out the visitor's center, and did what was really important . . . drink hot chocolate! ;)

We can't wait to go back this winter for some major sledding!  Woohoo!


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