Tuesday, November 22, 2011

port townsend, washington: day trip

A couple of Fridays ago, my sweet friend, Judy, invited along on a drive.  We thought that maybe we would go to Aberdeen, or the beach, but we ended up driving along the Hood Canal to Port Townsend.  I had my fingers crossed to somehow see an orca, and even though we didn't, we still had a really great time.

We stopped for lunch at Siren's, where I had a veggie burger with a side of clam chowder . . . SO GOOD.  I would go back any day, especially since the view is totally what you see above, AND there was a fireplace!  

Cutie Judy!

We walked around the main street downtown and stopped into a bunch of stores.  One of the ladies inside one of the stores suggested that we stop into The Palace Hotel to check it out.  The guy who was working was incredibly nice and totally looked like someone you would see in a movie working in a creepy hotel (meaning, he had on the outfit to match).  It was amazing!  He went above and beyond and gave us a tour, taking us into all of the rooms that were open and talking about the history of the building.

The room above is supposedly haunted by the woman in the painting at the top of the stairs . . . 

Before the building was a hotel, it was a brothel that was raided in the mid-1930s, and they named all of the rooms after the ladies.  I thought that it was a cute touch!

After we had seen enough of the downtown area, we took a short trip to Fort Worden, an old military base, to see the water and couldn't help but walk around the lighthouse.  

I thought that the moss on all of the logs was the prettiest color . . . 

Look!  It's CASS STREET!

On the way back home, we stopped for seasonal treats (candy corn!), took a wrong turn, and ended up crossing a bridge onto an island!  Ha!  It turned out just fine though and we came back by way of Tacoma.  Such a lovely way to get out of town!

 Luckily, Judy and I are taking another day trip this Thursday for Thanksgiving!  I can't wait!  :)


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