Tuesday, November 22, 2011

weird al at the puyallup fair

A couple of months ago, Joel, Judy, and I met Mike and Beth at the Puyallup Fair for the first time.  I hadn't been to a big fair since I was 11 or 12 and my mom took me to see Bryan White at the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo six times in a row!  It was THE BEST.  We weren't there to see BW this time, but we did have tickets to see someone who I also listened to when I was little . . . WEIRD AL!  

We showed up a bit early, snacked on gyros, and made our way to our seats.  He seriously played every single song you could imagine him playing, a few I hadn't heard before, and of course, all of the hits -- medleys from the Food Album, Nirvana and Miley Cyrus covers, EAT IT!  And between almost every song, he changed his outfit to fit the next song and medley.  I would see him again in a heartbeat.  So amazing!

After the show, we walked around the fair for a bit and Mike bought two large elephant ears for us to try. Pretty good, but I'm glad that it's not an everyday food!  On our way back to the car, we ran into a small group of (sorry!) nerdy kids waiting to meet Weird Al outside of the fence where his busses were, so what did we do?  We waited with them!  For almost an hour!  Around midnight (even after the fair had closed for the night), we decided to call it a night and finally head home.  I wonder if he ever came out, though?   

I totally need to see more big shows!  I'm so glad that my friends are so awesome!  What a blast!


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