Thursday, August 25, 2011

the international pop underground convention

On April 14th (you can't call me the most timely blogger -- whoops!), Calvin Johnson and Lois Maffeo got together to talk about the Olympia music scene in the 80s and 90s, and more specifically, the International Pop Underground Convention that happened in 1991 (see the poster above!). A few other people wrote about it closer to when it happened (click on those links to get to their blogs/articles!) and can give you better recaps about what happened, but what I've got to offer is photos -- so many photos and videos below!
We showed up a little early, and Elizabeth Gomez was playing the Washington anthems while Calvin and Lois laid out old posters, flyers, tickets, and trinkets from old Olympia shows that they had dug out earlier in the day, and (my favorite part), Calvin showed off his guitar pick collection (which was stored in the most genius and precise way I've ever seen!).

Calvin and Lois started out showing slides from shows they had put on, early venues that existed, and images of Olympia from twenty years ago. It might have been my favorite part of their talk -- I love seeing how things used to be.

Next, they turned off the projector and talked about their experiences, and as a real treat, performed one of their own songs separately -- I really enjoyed this, because I hadn't ever seen Lois live. So good!
And since this was taking place in the Capitol Museum, they had learned and performed BOTH of the Washington State Anthems (with Lizzie!) . . . because there's two. Now you know! :)