Tuesday, October 25, 2011

see the salmon

A few weeks ago we were invited to a BBQ at a friend's house where Joel snapped the picture above (from their attic room). On our way there though, we saw the "See the Salmon" sign between Capitol Lake and where the Budd Inlet ends and stopped because, well, why not?

When we stopped last year, there were people there to tell you everything that you could possibly want to know about the salmon and they even gave you special glasses so that you could see through the water and see them better. This year though, you didn't even need them since it was REALLY obvious where the salmon were and super easy to see them. Those guys are HUGE!


You know what brings the Orcas in? THESE GUYS. Fingers crossed we finally see one this year!


Monday, October 24, 2011

oregon coast: day 3

Newport was BEAUTIFUL! We were pleasantly surprised when we woke up to find the marina was right next to a huge and beautiful bridge and park, complete with the most awesome lighthouse that we visited!

While we were walking towards all of the shops, we spotted a seal, and then another one, and then heard what sounded like hundreds of dogs . . . see that rock above? FILLED WITH SEA LIONS. LOVE IT!

These guys were catching fish, and the birds were trying to steal it away and grab any scraps they could find. Monster jelly below:

We made our way towards the downtown shops and found mural after mural (my favorite!), as well as the RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT MUSEUM! I wanted to go, but just didn't have it in me to put the money up for it. Cheap, I know, but I would rather check out the ocean.

And then we found even MORE sea lions, literally less than ten feet below us! I could have watched them for hours, but we probably spent a good 30-or-so minutes there. Dogs of the sea!

We showed up a few minutes before this lighthouse opened and waited at the gate to get in. I guess the family that lived here only occupied the house for four years before another lighthouse was built at another point not far from this one, which closed this one down. The family left, but most of their things (I'm pretty sure) stayed behind, and what didn't, they made up for in period-appropriate furniture. It was kind of fun to see, and felt a little spooky, like someone was still around!

The lighthouse's light!

We kept going down towards Florence (and more lighthouses), to try to make it to the Sea Lion caves (and did!), but they weren't actually in the caves that day, and we would have been paying $15/person to see them 200 yards away. Since we had seen a bunch earlier, we kept on going and stopped for window shopping and lunch (clam chowder!) at Moe's in Lincoln City.

Along the way, we spotted a huge hill of sand, and knowing that we were close to the sand dunes, we totally stopped to climb it! It was hard, but totally awesome and seemed to go on forever, as you can see above.

Another whale watching spot and lighthouse. Check out that whale bone!

And our final destination, Coos Bay. My dad spent a lot of time out here a years ago opening up a DHL location and had convinced my mom that we needed to go here! It was pretty, but we didn't see what the big fuss was about until we got to the rocks and the sunset . . .

Filled with sea lions!

We found a comfy and cheap Motel 6, got a couple of sandwiches and crashed for the night. I loved their bedspreads!

We hit the beach up in the morning (one last time!), and made our way back home, stopping in Portland for my mom's first time visiting and checking out the Saturday Market.

It didn't really blow any of our minds, so instead of staying for dinner, we decided to stop in Centralia for dinner at La Tarasca! Aside from the traffic, it was a great idea since we were STARVING by the time we arrived.

When we arrived back in Olympia, my mom couldn't say goodbye to the water yet, so we drove down to see it one last time and were surprised to find the remains of a sandcastle competition that had happened earlier in the day. Some jerky kids were ruining it them, so my mom snapped a few photos to remember them before going home to pack her back up to fly out the next morning. One of the best trips ever!

Love you, Mom!