Thursday, February 9, 2012

the olympia record show, r. stevie moore, lake, and grass widow

I'm catching up on posts from last year (can you tell?) . . . these pictures are from the Olympia Record Show at the Elks Lodge that Mike Dixon puts on every six of months, and from what I can tell, it was a hit!  I didn't buy any records (and actually didn't even look at any!).  I just hung out by the door to take money, and hung out with their baby.  When it was all over, Beth and I explored a little bit and were checking out all of the pins from all of the lodges.  The best part was when two of the Elks members came up behind us (can you see the woman walking up behind us in the photo above?) to point out pins from different cities, and to give us a a bit of history on Olympia and the Olympia Elks Lodge.  

That same weekend (I think?), R. Stevie Moore and LAKE were playing at the Eagle's Hall!  It is magical in the bar (except for the fact that you can still smoke in there!).

MY THEME SONG!  (I like to stay home!)

LAKE with R. Stevie . . . SO GOOD!

And just because . . . Grass Widow!  I'd forgotten all about it!


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