Wednesday, February 8, 2012

orca sounds

A few months ago (maybe closer to six?), my good friend and sweet co-worker, Joel B., gave me the best present ever and gifted me the beautiful wooden whale that you see above!  Then, my sweet husband, Joel D., surprised me by nailing it up onto one of our bedroom walls.  Now, the last thing I see before I go to sleep is a giant orca whale hanging out on my wall.  I literally have at least three dreams a week where I'm finally getting to see an orca in the wild.  Unfortunately, this isn't a reality yet (which totally bums me out every time I wake up from one of those dreams), but I have become incredibly obsessed with listening for the whales on hydrophones placed around the San Juan Islands before falling asleep.

Tonight is my first time to hear them, and they've been singing for the entire hour that I've been listening so far . . . !  Go to, and click on "Listen to OrcaSound on San Juan Island" (If you do this right away!  Otherwise, check out some of the others!).  Since I can't actually see them yet, it's pretty exciting to even hear them doing their thing.  Seriously SO AWESOME.  Happy listening!



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