Thursday, February 9, 2012

snowpocalypse of 2012

A couple of weeks ago, we had the biggest snow storm that I've ever been a part of in Olympia . . . we got 17 inches of snow, which then turned into an ice storm (my first!)!  We lost our power for only a few hours, but a bunch of our friends had their power out for a couple of days.  One of the grocery stores downtown even lost their power for a few days, and once the frozen food isles started to thaw out, they started giving everything in them away for free.  A couple of us went down to check it out, and we loaded up on frozen veggies, juice, gluten free pancakes and waffles, and lean cuisines.  Ha!  It totally felt like the end of the world, and even outside, trees were falling all over the place from the weight of the snow, and it felt like a crazy battle zone!  

I still managed to make it to work every day (since I only live a block away), and on the first day of our big snow storm, my co-worker, Danielle, and I wandered around the building and took a little bit of video.  Fun!

The view from the door of our apartment on the first day of snow!

Our first ice storm!!!  CRAZY!!

The K building on my way home.  The light outside was so pretty!

We took both of the cats outside to walk in the snow.  We set Gibbs down, he walked a few inches, and fell right through the snow.  He was up to his eyes!  Poor dude!  He hated it, but I totally enjoyed it.  I love the snow when I don't have to go anywhere!


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