Wednesday, March 21, 2012

my list, and number 41: swimming with the phosphorescent plankton in the puget sound

If you're reading this in Google Reader or somewhere other than my actual blog page, you wouldn't know that on the right of my page, I've started creating a list (which I actually just call My List) of all of the things that I want to do . . . sometime.  A bucket list, basically, but I don't like that name.  It doesn't really matter when I do these things, but it does give me something to look at when I'm feeling particularly bummed out or uninspired, and gives me a place to list the things that I would like to accomplish or do in my lifetime.  They range from paying off my debt to losing weight to sewing an apron for my grandma (which I did!) to visiting Iceland and seeing glaciers and the Aurora Borealis.  Number 41 on my list was to swim with the bioluminescent plankton, which is what you see when the ocean literally lights up and sparkles.  We tried to capture it above!

On a particularly moonless night during the summer, I read on Facebook that it was the best night of the year to see the phosphorescents.  We had gone with a large group the previous year, but as a bunch of people stripped down to swim then, we weren't prepared, and weren't as adventurous.  This time though, I came wearing my favorite swimsuit and the dress that I wear whenever I'm going swimming since it's so easy to slip on and dries really quickly.  I called up everyone that I could think of that would fit in our car and that might be interested, and it was surprisingly easy to convince everyone to trek through the woods in the dark to reach the Evergreen Beach.  

When we made it down, we almost stepped on the biggest beached jellyfish ever, picked a spot, and walked in.  You could see the sparkles just by moving your fingers around in the water, but it was especially fun to walk around, splash water, and just swim around.  I even brought my snorkel mask so that I could open my eyes under the water and see in front of me.  It wasn't as blue as I've pictured in my mind and seen in pictures, but more like flashes of light sparkles.  Maybe someday I'll make it to somewhere where it will immediately illuminate blue without even having to walk into the water . . .

It's little things like this that make me feel so happy to live near water and in the Pacific Northwest.  What a magical place!


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