Wednesday, August 29, 2012

what the heck fest 2011

I'm just now getting around to posting about What the Heck Fest 2011, because it felt epic (and blogging is a lot of work!).  You'll see it in this post . . . they packed so much in!  As soon as we arrived in Anacortes, it was time for Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets to start things off.  This was technically his album release show, and to commemorate the occasion, he hand-made a giant pinata filled with special treasures!

Bob and Joel show off their prize from the pinata!

Malaikat dan Singa really got things going afterwards . . . 

Joel and Ben manning the merch table!

Jill made me the prettiest handmade book, complete with fabric, paint, and my name embroidered on the front.  So pretty!  Thanks, Jill!
Handmade postcards of Joel B. at the Deception Pass bridge from last year!

The next morning started out early and rainy.  We wandered around Shipwreck Day (the community-wide garage sale downtown!) for a little while, but decided to make our way to check out the Friendship Trail, led by the wonderful Karl Blau.  He guides you around town, stopping along the way to see the sights, and hear some special music from bands that weren't officially playing Heck Fest.  It might have been my favorite part of the entire weekend, even though I ended up cold and with soggy feet!

And it ended with Ange driving his van through the crowd, blasting Moroccan music and hanging out cowbells and tambourines for people to play along the way back.  Pretty silly!

During the day, there is music downstairs at the Croatian Club!  French Quarter played (my fave!), and it was so good, as always.

I should note that this was the weekend that one of the Harry Potters came out!  There were pictures like this all over the theater's outside walls!  Ha!

Too Bad Catholics (Nick and Julia from No Kids) were HILARIOUS!

Adam Forkner seeing his new 7" for the first time . . .  (above!), and Nick Krgovich (below!).

Purple and Green were SO GOOD!

Twin toes!

Hot dog time!

The moon set the tone for the night of metal -- Thrones, Liturgy, and Earth!

Mount Eerie ended the weekend (and the final What the Heck Fest) with a beautiful (and smokey) set.  

SO GOOD!  I wish all of our trips were full of so many good friends and fun music!