Tuesday, August 21, 2012

christmas 2010 in denver

It was totally beautiful on our drive over to Denver, but on the way back it took us 8 hours (double the time!) to get back, and the temperature was reading -11!  Brr!

We stayed with Joel's parents at the fancy house that they were living at and got to wake up to the prettiest rocks behind us each morning . . . and Joel's one-eyed pug, Smokey!

One of the highlights of the trip was taking a walk up to the abandoned clubhouse that they started to build, but never finished.  It had been vandalized pretty badly, but the view was pretty awesome through what should have been the windows.
Christmas moose!

We snuck away for a night while we were home to meet up with our sweet friends, Robin (above, and holding my first project on my new sewing machine!), Noah, and Tom!  We had dinner at Watercourse (one of my faves!), and went to Rhinosceropolis so that Joel, Tom, and Val could play an impromptu set with Night of Joy, Miracle Men, and Vegetable.  It was pretty special.  Our good friend and old roomie, Mike (also a Colorado native), even came down to hang out with us!

Joel, Tom and Val, the first time playing music together:

And with Robin . . . singing a song about Degrassi!

Miracle Men!


Night of Joy!

And a trip to Colorado isn't complete without hanging out with the Weinrauchs.  Kids LOVE Joel!


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