Tuesday, August 21, 2012

christmas 2010 in grand junction

I'm so behind on blogging that I'm still catching up from Christmas of 2010!  Eek!  Since I've got the photos handy, I might as well put them up here, right?  Get ready for lots of old posts . . .  Anyway, this year was pretty weird, but still very special.  My grandpa had passed away earlier in the year, so this was our first Christmas without him.  We split our time between Grand Junction, CO and Denver.  The photo above was taken on Christmas day, and my grandma is sporting my first ever attempt at an apron that I made.  It only took me a year to finish!  :)

Family work lunch!

Some pretty epic Christmas lights!

Christmas Eve at my aunt and uncle's house . . . it always ends with my dad asleep on the couch, or the floor in front of the fire.  

Christmas day.  It's pretty exciting around our house!  ;)

And the next day we went to Denver to visit Joel's family . . . 


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