Tuesday, August 21, 2012

port angeles and neah bay

In the middle of winter last year, we were hanging out with our good pals, the Dixons, when we decided that it was totally time to take a mini-roadtrip.  We packed up the car, made a reservation, and drove to Port Angeles for the night.

We wandered around downtown for a bit, poking around antique stores and eating breakfast, and then stumbling onto the best mural ever . . . and then more and more murals.  My favorite!

We made friends with the most HILARIOUS goats!  I wish so badly that I had gotten them on video . . . what was I thinking just taking photos?! 

And in an attempt to make it to the beaches of Forks (which we totally didn't do), we took a side trip to Neah Bay, which is one of the more beautiful places that Washington has to offer.

While we were at the tip of of the land, Joel and I watched a giant sea lion swim along the rocks below it.  It felt pretty magical.


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