Wednesday, August 15, 2012

seattle troll and gas works park

Sometime last autumn, Joel and I headed up to Seattle for a couple of days with his band, Meowtain, so that he could play on Hollow Earth Radio with Yr Heart Breaks and Theo Grizol, which was really sweet!  You can actually listen to them play here!  (And on a side note -- WOW, they sure sound different now . . . a new drummer and lots of time practicing has changed them so much.  Click on their name above to hear their more recent recordings!)

Two of our favorite Seattle friends, Michael and Brittany, came to the show too, and offered to let us sleep over.  We took them up on that so that we could spend the day in Seattle and check out some stuff that we hadn't seen before.  We spent the night drinking tea, petting their neighbor's cat, and playing their homemade memory game.  It was great!

When we got up, we decided to visit the Troll, which we had never seen in real life before.  If you can't tell, he is holding a slug bug in his hand!  He didn't disappoint, but there wasn't much else to do around the area.  We walked down to the park, where we kept running into another group of people asking to have their photo taken in front of a bunch of different locations, so we took turns taking pictures of each other.  It was actually pretty convenient and funny.

We walked around a few shops in the area, and Joel found the prettiest acoustic instruments shop that of course, he had to go into!

Our next stop was Gas Works Park.  We were pretty sure that we weren't going to make it when someone flagged us down to tell us that our right front tire was totally flat!  We called our insurance people to come fix it, but ended up deciding that we could probably just drive to the closest gas station to air it up.  It worked, and we went on our way to the park.  Phew!

Other than the view, these crazy painted pipes were my favorite.  What an awesome park.

Whenever we go to Seattle, we never really know what to do, but I think I'm into the idea of doing all of the touristy things now.  I want to ride the ducks, go up into the Space Needle, go to the EMP, see King Tut at the museum, and take the Seattle Underground Tour.  What else is there??


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