Saturday, November 24, 2012

a sweet potluck for joel brazzel

This is a repost from the K weblog!

We love Joel Brazzel SO MUCH around here, and can't even express how sad we are that he is leaving K after NINE YEARS working in the Mailorder department (with a few years as Production Manager thrown in there as well!).  To combat this sadness, we decided that the best thing to do would be to throw a party, of course!  Calvin opened up his home to host the loveliest potluck ever.  Mariella made her famous vegetarian cheese lasagna and chocolate brownies, a fire was lit in the fireplace, and friends gathered around two tables to have good conversation, listen to music, and crack hazelnuts.  It was the best!

Mariella found some mouse ears, and had to put them on.

Bob and Margot!

Joel and Ange decided to use matching mugs -- they say, "Welcome Home Honey!" and "Honey I'm Home!"  A better view is below . . . scandalous!

Everyone is imitating the moves on the cup . . . 

Harper colored pictures for everyone at the party.  What a sweetheart!

Margot and Danielle!

Rhett, Lizzie, Joel, and Reid!

Kaily, Miko, and Mar!

We love Rhett!


Check out the dancing going on in the background . . .

Nicole, Joel, and Danielle!
The prettiest flooring!

Lindsay finished up her class and came over towards the end of the night.  What a sweet lady!

Everyone loves CJ's record room . . . 


Former interns, Kat and Lizzie (and Bob!).

CJ's couch RECLINES!


A tiny ruler.

Reid, Sarah, and Joel!

Reid and Danielle winding down the night with a short dance . . . cute!

We love you, JB!!!

Sarah, Danielle, Mariella, and Calvin

P.S.  Joel's beautiful whistling:

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